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  • 6838 Churchill Way Dallas, TX 75230, USA - North Dallas
    There is a utility pole near the southwest corner of Hillcrest and Churchill Way. The pole has a guy wire attached with a anchor spike at the end, but the anchor is not in the ground. It is hanging loose. Someone has wound the wire around the base of the pole so that it does not interfere with the sidewalk, but either the guy wire should be reattached to the ground to secure the pole, or the wire should be removed.
  • 4100 N Prairie Creek Rd Dallas, TX 75227, USA - Urbandale-Parkdale
    Behind home plate the fence is pulled loose and has a large gap.
  • 3499 Samuell Blvd Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    The traffic lights have been moved due to construction.
    The timing of the lights are causing traffice to back up on Samuel. There is more traffic on Samuel than Tenison, yet the light cycles about the same time for both Tenison and Samuel.The lanes have been reduced to one in each direction on Samuel, so only 3 to 4 cars can pass through the green before they change red.
    This causes traffic to back up on Samuel while waiting for little to no traffice on Tenison.
  • 1572 Dallas Parkway Addison, Texas - Far North
    There is a large pothole in the left lane on the southbound access road north of Arapaho. It's big enough that it blew the sidewall in my tire.
  • 3701-3799 Concho St Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The intersection of Kenwood and Concho is a 4-way stop. The stop sign on the north side is missing and needs to be replaced. This is a heavy traffic intersection due to nearby Stonewall Jackson Elementary School.
  • Pothole Open
    3839 Mckinney Ave Dallas, Texas - Uptown
    There is deep pothole that is in front of Pho Crimson restaurant. I saw crews filling potholes in the same intersection and told them about the other pothole. They said they would fill it but did not. This pothole is deep and holds water. It will only get worse. It is damaging car suspensions daily. Please repair this. Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    18200-18298 Muir Cir Dallas, TX 75287, USA - Far North
    At the intersection of Stockton and Muir Circle. Please fix pothole!
  • 5200 Reiger Ave Dallas, TX 75214, USA - Northeast Dallas
    Lines from the easement between city property and 5200 Rieger Ave. Rubs on cars and truck tops when they park, also they constantly droop low enough to catch resident in the dark walking into apartments.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    9801-9825 Ferndale Rd Dallas, TX 75238, USA - Northeast Dallas
    Pot hole is approximately 18" in diameter and is located on the inside lane going north on Ferndale.
  • 5615 Ellsworth Ave Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    There are potholes all along the 5500 and 5600 blocks of Ellsworth and they continue to get worse with increased residential and construction traffic. The ashpalt needs to be overlayed or, at a minimum, resealed. Similar work was recently done on surrounding streets (i.e. Martel, Worcola, Greenville) but Ellsworth has not been corrected.
  • 11040 Audelia Rd Dallas, TX 75238 - Northeast Dallas
    There is no advance signage on southbound Skillman to tell traffic looking for Audelia's left split where to turn. There is a green sign north of 635 for the Skillman/Audelia split in advance there, just not south of 635. Also the approaches to Skillman from both ramps of 635 do not include any reference to Audelia, even though the exit signage from 635 mentions both streets are accessible at the exit.
  • Pothole Open
    5701 Maple Avenue Dallas, Texas - Love Field Area
    Huge pothole on corner of Maple & Inwood