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  • POT HOLE Archived
    6000-6148 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75230, USA - North Dallas
    Pot hole in center lane on Forest headed east from Preston the size of my car.
  • Davis And Montclair - Southwest Dallas
    Davis and Montclair in Dallas. light not flashing
  • Pot Hole Archived
    9704-9748 Ferndale Rd Dallas, TX 75238, USA - Northeast Dallas
    Pot hole is approximately 1 to 2 feet in diameter.
  • 651 Coombs Creek Dr. Dallas, TX - Winnetka Heights
    Due to our recent winter storm, we had a large section of trees and branches fall into the creek. The block neighbors are concerned the blockage will cause a flood in the area when it rains.
  • Spring Valley Rd And Meandering Way Dallas , tx - Far North
    There is big hole in the left lane on westbound Spring Valley and it is nearly impossible to avoid it. I am usually in the left lane because I turn left at Hillcrest to go to work. If swerve to the right to avoid the pothole you get into the next lane; swerve left and you may hit the curb. Please fix this!!!!
  • Potholes Archived
    Davis Ave Dallas, TX 75203, USA - Oak Cliff
    Potholes make the stretch between Davis & I-35 dangerous....weaving lanes & no lane markers.
  • 3182-3228 N Hampton Rd Dallas, TX 75212, USA - Eagle Ford

    When "they" (whoever the contractor is on that bridge project) fixed the Hampton road near the new bridge...they failed to clean up the rest of the big truck damage....all the way back to Singleton! Now I lose tires in the rain, ice & snow. Please fix my route!

    Asphalt pitting in center lane causing bigpotholes. Center lane on Hampton between Singleton & Bickers Street.

  • 2001-2099 N Peak St Dallas, TX 75204, USA - m Streets
    There has been a whopping pile of domestic bulk trash sitting on the curb for over a month. It needs to go away!
  • 2424 N Westmoreland Rd Dallas, TX 75212, USA - Eagle Ford
    actually it's more like 2700 blk. railroad crossing is very much a hazard to your vehicle.
  • Huge graffiti Archived
    3826 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75204, USA - m Streets
    Graffiti across the entire front of a vacant building for sale at 3826 Ross Ave.
  • 627 S Akard St Dallas, TX 75202, USA - Convention Center District
    Large pothole at T intersection of Marilla and Akard.
  • 3015 Edgewood St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    The sidewalks on both sides of Edgewood between MLK and Pennsylvania are in need of some work, some need replacing and others just need weeding/edging.