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  • Spring Valley Rd Dallas TX - Far North
    Large deep pothole in right lane on spring valley heading west between coit and meandering way in dallas
  • 4331 Glenwood Avenue Dallas, TX - Oak Lawn
    There is a pothole in front of 4331 Glenwood Avenue which collects rainwater and sprinkler run-off. It is getting bigger and bigger. Please fix.
  • 7676-7798 John W. Carpenter Fwy Dallas, TX 75247, USA - Northwest Dallas
    Very large pothole, Eastbound 183, second to left hand lane. Needs fixed immediately; caused damage to car.
  • Fort Worth Ave dallas, TX - Winnetka Heights
    on Jan 21 2014 going east bound on ft worth ave. I struck into a DEEP pot hole and blew out my tire and bent my allow wheel on a brand new car. I filed with the city and I am certain that being in the middle lane like it was that hundreds of people also hit the same hole. Way too big for the city not to have noticed. Would have flipped a motorcycle rider to their death; I was in my Sentra.
  • 4899 Alcott St Dallas, TX 75204, USA - m Streets
    Trying to turn left here is dangerous because people come flying around the curve before you know it. It's a very difficult turn, and sometimes your only choice is to accidentally cut someone off to make it.
  • 13259 Emily Rd Dallas, TX 75240, USA - Far North

    Emily road is a disgrace to the City of Dallas. There are more uneven surfaces, subsidences and pot holes in this short half-mile of road than any place else I have driven in Dallas. Obviously the city council member that has this road in his/her district has more important items on their agenda, as does the city street inspectors.

    To which department of the City of Dallas do I submit my front-end alignment and other road damage repair bills?

  • 3100-3198 Manor Way Dallas, TX 75235, USA - Love Field Area
    Pot hole at least an area of 1 square foot, and three inches deep. Cracked my bumper of my car.
  • 5201-5299 E Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The planters on the East Mockingbird Lane overpass over US 75 are full of dead plants and windblown trash that has gotten caught in the branches of the dead plants. I'm not sure if this overpass belongs to the City of Dallas or the Town of Highland Park or the Town of University Park. Maybe that is the problem, but dead plants do not make a very attractive gateway into the Highland Park/University Park/SMU campus area. Someone should do something about this. (Ladybird would be appalled.)
  • 2400-2434 S Harwood St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    Obstructed Sidewalk (the street dips several feet further down under the railroad overpass than does the sidewalk, so going around the obstruction is not physically possible)
  • Inwood north bound between Harry Hines and Mockingbird, Dallas, Texas - Northeast Dallas
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 6504 Lakewood Blvd Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    This road has been undergoing repairs for too long. Hardly anything gets done per day. It shouldn't take months to repair one short piece of road.
  • 2711 Kenesaw Dr Dallas, TX 75212, USA - Eagle Ford
    There are very large potholes along Kenesaw Drive. The run at least 2-3 blocks on Kenesaw and are very dangerous.