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  • Skillman/ Whitehurst Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    There are three very deep pot holes in the right turn lane on skillman and whitehurst.
  • 933 Griffin St E Dallas, TX 75215, USA - The Cedars
    On the freeway side of the old Plaza Hotel, bags, garbage, makeshift tents
  • 1800 S Ervay St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - The Cedars
    People observed going to darkened alley late at night. Whistling, hand signals and auto traffic
  • 8000-8098 Lomo Alto Dr Dallas, TX 75225, USA - North Dallas
    3 huge pot holes that cause cars to veer into the opposite lane
  • Water Leak Archived
    4100 Throckmorton St Dallas, TX 75219 - Oak Lawn
    Water cover in middle of street has been leaking for 30 days. I've sent in two 311 requests.
  • Street Signs Archived
    2690 Materhorn Dr Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    are completely unreadable at night and need to be replaced. trees also blocking street sign.
  • 2100 Pacific Ave Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    Road is in terrible condition between 75 and Olive street turn. It needs to be resurfaced. Uneven and full of pot holes.
  • 2000 Richardson Ave Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    Empty lot at SE corner of Harwood and Richardson. Three holes, with sewer stench emanating from it
  • 2955 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75201 - Near East
    Huge pot holes in left and middle lanes of Harry Hines
  • Interstate 30 Frontage Rd Dallas, TX 75228, USA - Northeast Dallas
    There is a very dangerous and destructive pothole on the service road at Buckner and West I-30. This hole will damage your car! Be careful
  • 11015 Lawnhaven Rd Dallas, TX 75230 - North Dallas
    The City of Dallas promised to maintain the yard of this vacant house (4 Years) and has failed to keep its promise. We contacted Chris Bowers (City Atty), Linda Koop (Area Council Rep) Forest Turner (City Code Compliance) and met with all of them but as time has gone by they just let the issue go.
  • 17029 N Coit Rd Dallas, TX 75248 - Far North
    there is a large pothole in the right lane - it was recently filled but back again...