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  • 2968 Forest Ln Dallas, TX 75229, USA - Preston Hollow
    the center lane has a real bad pot hole right before the light people crossing the street can fall and also cars passing by
  • 11925-11971 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75234, USA - Preston Hollow
    Southbound Webb Chapel, in the right hand lane, just south of 635. Destroyed a run flat tire on my car just yesterday.
  • 1837 Corinth St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - The Cedars
    overgrown weeds, unkempt courtyard, graffitti. building is an eyesore
  • 1837 Corinth St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - The Cedars
    overgrown weeds, unkempt courtyard, graffitti. building is an eyesore
  • Dallas North Tollway Addison, Texas - Far North
    Why or why can't we get a left turn only land and a second optional left/straight lane at SB Tollway access road turning onto EB Arapaho? Every week, I see illegal left turns from the middle lane from people who are tired of waiting in the relentlessly long line to turn left. And, every time I see this happen, the offender almost causes an accident. There is plenty of room to allow cars to turn left from two lanes. Please make this simple change in lane markings. I have dealt with this for over 10 years as an Addison resident.
  • 6221-6255 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    WB Mockingbird Ln.- Left and Center lanes extremely rough and multiple potholes in a row. Problem has worsened after snow.
  • 16019-16089 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75248, USA - US Congressional District TX32
    On the service road towards Keller Springs Rd. in North Dallas, there is 1 large pothole from recent construction that punctured my tire and another large pothole right before you turn (both in the left turning lane)...they need to be fixed!
  • 1715 S Ervay St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - The Cedars
    corner of ervvay/beaumont, drug and male prostitute activity
  • Williamson Rd Dallas, TX - Northeast Dallas
    Williamson Rd at Mockingbird is only one lane, so the traffic backs up while waiting on the light to change. A right turn only lane from Williamson to east-bound Mockingbird would help prevent traffic congestion and allow drivers to turn right on red, rather than wait for th light behind those turning left.
  • 7417 Sorcey Rd - Wolf Creek
    Major street light is out
  • 5378-5398 Duncanville Road Dallas, Texas - Southwest Dallas
    There is a massive pothole in the southbound left lane on Duncanville Road, it's right before Ranchero Ln.
    This is within the Dallas City limits.
  • Potholes Archived
    5636-5698 U.S. 67 Dallas, TX 75223, USA - Urbandale-Parkdale