District 7: Sean Elsbernd

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  • Other Open
    1906-1910 Ocean Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Graffiti on an electrical box.
  • 164 Madrone Ave San Francisco, CA 94127, USA - West Of Twin Peaks
    Graffiti on concrete light pole.
  • Joost Ave San Francisco, CA - Outer Mission
    There are two gates in the Sunnyside Conservancy, one at the top on Joost and one at the bottom on Monterey. Twice in the last week the bottom gate was unlocked and I entered and walked to the top to continue my walk to the canyon and the top was locked. This was annoying, maddening, actually. I had to walk back down and then walk around the area on a busy street. Seriously compromises quality of the walk.
  • 38 El Sereno Court San Francisco, CA - West Of Twin Peaks
    With the overhead street light no longer working, 1/2 of the block is in total darkness. Not only is this hazardous for pedestrians (especially the elderly), but it makes the neighborhood unsafe and a target for crime.
  • Other Open
    1906-1910 Ocean Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Graffiti sticker on a no parking sign.
  • graffiti on ground

    Photo: http://twitpic.com/5vjz2

    From @seekayel
    Reported via twitter to @seeclickfix with a GoogleMaps URL

  • Santa Clara Ave California City, California - West Of Twin Peaks
    No swiping sign on Santa Clara ave between Willow to Chestnut , people taking advantage park their car over two weeks, like any other street I would highly recommend to install the sign and provide swiping service and limit parking time .
  • 1400 Ocean Ave San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - West Of Twin Peaks
    NW corner of Ocean Ave & Granada
  • 498 Johnstone Dr San Francisco, CA 94131 - Inner Sunset
    The topmost red blinking light on the northeast strut of Sutro Tower is out.
  • 16 Vicente St San Francisco, CA 94127 - West Of Twin Peaks
    The beige utility box has several different graffiti tags on it. They are of different colors and seem to be of different ages.
  • 12 West Portal Ave San Francisco, CA 00 - West Of Twin Peaks
    There is a graffiti tag on the side of this mailbox.
  • Portola Dr San Francisco, CA 94127 - West Of Twin Peaks
    tagging on the underside of the walkway over Portolala