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Philadephia, PA 19125
East Kensington
Old Richmond

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  • 2065-2099 Coral St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington
    Semi trucks will idle through the night every night anywhere from 3-6 hours
  • 2035 East Cumberland Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    squatters have moved into a recent unoccupied house at 2035 east cumberland, neighbors have seen signs of drugs about the house... pipes have been stripped, house has been robbed of appliances... where do I go for this?
  • E Susquehanna Ave Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Trucks delivering to Cousin's Warehouse have again knocked down the stop light on the corner of Susquehanna and Frankford. This neighborhood is not designed for 54' Trucks. Cousin's warehouse is a bad neighbor, we want them out of our neighborhood.
  • 2452 Sepviva Street Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    The people who live in 2452 Sepviva street are throwing huge amounts of trash across the street from their house every week. I've called 311 repeatedly, and nothing has been done about it.
  • 2697 E York St Philadelphia, PA 19125 - Kensington
    Turning left onto York st from Aramingo there is no green arrow. Also on York turning left onto Aramingo there is no arrow. This is a real busy intersection and making turns means having to floor it and pray you don't get hit by a car or hit any of the numerous pedestrians. A simple 20 sec green turn signal would fix the problems
  • 2221 Amber Street Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Call #1912483 with 311 opened through police department on Oct 3 2011. Occupant might now be using toilet, feces smell coming from outside drain. Also, front fence now broken off.
  • 2006 E Firth St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington
    There is a ton of dog poop left in this back yard, can be viewed and smelled from back alley. I smell it from my backyard, making it unpleasant to spend time in my own yard. Will get even worse with the heat!!!
  • Vehicle Idling Acknowledged
    2085 Coral St Philadelphia, PA 19125 - Kensington

    There is often idling daily and overnight at the end of the Milk Depot that is used for grocery store storage. Large tractor trailors and other smaller commercial trucks are idling here.

    In addition to the idling, it seems that they have illegally turned a couple of the lots nearby the warehouse into their personal idling haven and loading dock.

  • 2033 E. Hazzard St. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    House has been continually opened by drug users and prostitutes despite neighbors efforts to seal it themselves and little response from city. Vagrants have attempted on several occasions to steal electricity from electric pole and other houses.
  • 2010 Trenton Ave Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    There is a tipped over trash can that the owners of the house are not doing anything about , no the litter is going to the whole street
  • Earl And Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    This is the corner of Earl and Girard. Please read the sign for earl st.
  • 2082-2084 E. Cumberland St. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    There continues to be trash and various appliances/junk all over the sidewalk and the side lots. This attract all sorts of unsavory characters. Please, please do something!