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Philadephia, PA 19125
East Kensington
Old Richmond

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  • 2218 E Hazzard St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Owners/renters put trash in fire alley days before pickup. Trash ends up all over the street and never picked up by the sanitation department.
  • 2217 Sepviva Street Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    This house is a breeding ground for bugs and drugs. There are overgrown weeds and bugs everwhere. There are broken windows, broken doors, and new kids everyday going in and out and smoking pot on the outside steps.
  • 3400 Belgrade St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Common alleyway gated up and key is held by one person. Now everyone on the block has to bring there trash through our homes.
  • 2030 E Dauphin St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Construction Halted and sidewalk has been left torn up blocks HAZARDOUS for over a year. This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians and many kids that live on this block. TRIPPING HAZARD & Blocked pedestrian access.
  • 1735 Richmond St Philadelphia, PA 19134 - Fishtown
    This is a pretty new hole. It's significant in size at the width of about 2 tires. Very difficult to see at night.
    Bent my rim!
  • 2501-2515 Webb St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington
    Maroon Chevy caprice has been abandoned for months. Tags expired 1/12. Car is so close to corner it makes it impossible to see oncoming traffic if traveling south on Webb street. Tags: PA fyc1918
  • 2122 E Susquehanna Ave Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Huge muddy hole in middle of street with no warning for oncoming traffic
  • 2661 E Cumberland St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington

    Abandon yellow truck on corner of Cumberland and Thompson. License plate pa zbs-7115. Expired registration 12-2011.

    Sticker on side door says "2morrow's Movers" with a phone number 267-597-9654

  • 2001 Abigail St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    There are Now 4 trucks Idling. Yesterday there were 6 and one of them hit a parked car (over 20 cars hit by trucks in the past 5 years on that corner). One of the trucks now has half of a tree that he destroyed sticking out of his roof.

    City of Philadelphia, Clean Air people, anyone, please help.

  • 708 E Thompson Street Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
    horribly icy streets, a car was hit around the corner on Berks and it is extremely dangerous driving around with out sliding into parked cars. There is over 5 inches of ice on these streets, I fear for my daughters bus on these streets. someone needs to do something!!!
  • East Columbia Ave 19125 Philadelphia, PA - Fishtown
  • East Girard Ave philadelphia, pa - Fishtown
    Reported from my mobile device