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Notified About

  • 200 S 10th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center East
    Several times I have seen cyclists riding down 10th street in the car lane when there is a new bicycle lane on the other side of the street. I have witnessed several cyclists almost run into cars because they do not look when changing lanes, then give an attitude after THEY almost run into a person's car. This has occurred several times in this area
  • 300 S 12th Street Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    New street lights still not working
  • 210-212 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    NW corner of 13th and Locust.
  • 704 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Society Hill
    Graffiti on brick wall at 702-704 Lombard St.
  • Pine And Juniper philadelphia, pa - City Center East
    Large scale graffiti on walls of Halloween and Giorgios.
  • 323 South Iseminger Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - City Center East
    At 12:15 AM 8-19-15, two vandals went through all the trash put out on Iseminger St. and the 1200 block of Panama St., tossing trash into the streets. They were caught on a surveillance video.
  • 2041 E Susquehanna Ave Phila Pa 19125 - City Center East
    2-10AM Mostly around 5-7AM then during the day. Multiple trucks will idle for more than 20 minutes. Truck drivers leave truck on and walk around for more than 20 min. Or drivers will sleep in truck over night while idling.
  • 1107 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    BOVA Food distributors truck idling for last 45 minutes in front of Forrest Theater. Phone number on truck is 215-997-1130.
  • 1020 Locust Philadelphia, PA 19107 - City Center East
    Appears to have been hit by a car, this pole and lamp is laying on the sidewalk.
  • 9th And Walnut Streets Philadelphia, PA - City Center East
    A construction crew is frequently blocking rush hour traffic on 9th and Walnut Streets during the AM peak period. They are working on a private building and the work is non-emergency. If they need to block traffic lanes, they must to do it outside of 6-9am and 3-6pm.
  • 1221-1223 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA - City Center East
    Pavement is badly broken on the corner of Walnut & 13th St at curb
  • 5th & Market Streets Philadelphia PA - City Center East
    Huge Pot Hole on the corner of 5th Street at Market - where you turn off of Market to 5th.
    On side of Wells Fargo Building.
    A person could get lost in it!