District 10: Malia Cohen

القضايا المفتوحة: 177 اصدارا: 2,226 قضايا المعترف: 40
Watching issues created after: 2008-07-21

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  • 2101 17th Street San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - Potrero Hill
    Huge garbage dump happening
  • 1455 25th St San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Absolutely terrible street. Street is in need of replacement. I saw a motorcycle and cyclist fall off the other day because of hazardous road conditions.
  • 20th Street On 280 Overpass San Francisco, CA - Potrero Hill
    There are quite a few graffiti tags on the south-side railing and sidewalk. It looks like previous marks have been painted over; it's time for another pass for the paint bucket.
  • 1461 Davidson Avenue San Francisco, California - Bayview
    A large amount of garbage has been illegally dumped by my place of business. a 55 gal drum filled with who knows what, wheels and tires etc. this is a road and possible health or environmental hazard!
  • 2001 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Illegal retaining wall completely blocking sidewalk. Forces many children to walk out into major thoroughfare for automobile and Muni line 19 bus traffic. FORCE THEM TO REMOVE THIS ILLEGAL SIDEWALK BLOCKING! APN4073051 built at property line on Rhode Island St.
  • 831 Wisconsin Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Motor home parked on street for 3 weeks with people living in it full time. Model: BTouring Cruiser. License plate BBFK59 Florida.
  • 1099 Indiana San Francisco, California - Potrero Hill
    The street paving on Indiana by 23rd St to 25th St is damaged and getting worse over time. There's many potholes developing as well. It is a bike route and more bikers are riding there. Please pave it asap.
  • 1018 Pennsylvania Avenue San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Newly installed curb cut fro driveway ramp is much steeper than and uneven with surrounding sidewalk. Creates a tripping hazard.
  • 2121 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    The temporary pedestrian barriers are empty (instead of filled with water), creating a bigger hazard if they are indeed struck by a vehicle.
  • Dogpatch San Francisco, CA, USA - Potrero Hill
    Filthy. Empty bottles, juice boxes, broken glass, fliers, etc. everywhere. It looks like absolute filth
  • Cesar Chavez Street San Francisco, California - Potrero Hill
    There is trash piling up on the sidewalk just west of the 280 overpass; broken glass, pieces of wood, broken furniture, as well as dirt, rocks and weeds.
  • I-280 San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Dumping on Iowa between 22 and 23. It has been there for over a month with no clean up.