District 10: Malia Cohen

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Nhận Thông báo Về

  • 401-499 15th St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    A tent city is on 15th Street btw Vermont and San Bruno. The sidewalks are completely blocked on both sides of 15th Street, and the camps have grown so far out into 15th that the street is now reduced to one lane. Additionally, the corners at the ends of each encampment have been piled with garbage.
  • 1900-1998 16th Street San Francisco, California - Mission

    Also underneath the bridge. Issue stretches from 16th/Utah down to 16th/Vermont.

    Encampment has grown to take over the sidewalk.

    More junk every day.

    Needles on ground.

    Tubs of what can only be presumed to be urine left out on the sidewalk.

    Unleashed dogs.

    Occupants acting intimidating and reducing the already limited space available for regular use of the sidewalk.

    Cannot pass with stroller.

    Entire area is a hazard and must be cleared by the relevant authorities.

  • 1700 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - Potrero Hill
    The encampment in 16th Street between Vermont and San Bruno has now swallowed the sidewalk, forcing passengers getting off the 22 bus to walk in the streets. It's surrounded by trash, reeks of urine, and serves as a public health hazard due to lack of any sanitation facilities.
  • 516 Mississippi Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Living unit under construction in garage/basement at 516 mississippi st, san francisco, with unlicensed contractor. All work is unpermitted. Work took place, and is ongoing, from march or april of 2013. contractor has also worked at 512 mississippi, also without permits. Windows were replaced and first and second level decks were demolished and replaced. We are submitting and request that this report be treated confidentially and anonymously.
  • 1 Potrero Ave San Francisco, CA - Mission
    Some years ago, Potrero Avenue was repaved along its entire length. In a monumental case of poor planning, shortly thereafter PG&E ripped up the new pavement and replaced the gas lines along the entire length of the road. This destroyed the bike lanes' integrity along both sides. (Most noticeable between 16th and 24th Streets.) Currently they are rideable only with great annoyance and difficulty. (I have many broken spokes to prove it.)
  • STOP!!! Open
    Maddux Ave San Francisco, California - Bayview
    Stop signs are desperately needed for this intersection. Cars traveling on Maddux speed up and down the hill making it dangerous for any vehicles traveling on Quint and Revere streets.
  • 2641 25th Street San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Mission
    Overpass Closed.
    Why? Can it be re-opened?
  • 430 Bayshore Blvd San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - District 9
    Cover missing
  • 820 Innes Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Drug deals, sex acts, drinking
  • 1401-1453 Vermont St San Francisco, CA - Mission
    - an entire community loses access to a public walkway to vagrancy ,overgrowth , litter and crime.
  • 740 Illinois St San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    The deep ruts between the abandoned embedded rail track and the road surface cause a major bike safety problem. The bike tires get caught in the rut causing the rider to loose control. This particular spot is bad due to the bike lane being closed during building construction. The entire length of Illinois st has abandoned track with deep ruts. You don't need to go as far as ripping out the track, just put black top in the rut to even it out with the road surface. Many riders have gone down, including myself trying to cross these tracks while riding parallel.
  • 1612-1662 Innes Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Illegal car sales lot as well as parking and vehicle storage . Blights the entire area.