District 10: Malia Cohen

Vấn đề Mở: 176 Vấn đề đã Đóng: 2.224 Vấn đề đã Ghi nhận: 40
Quan sát các vấn đề được tạo sau: 2008-07-21

Nhận Thông báo Về

  • 1300-1398 Lane St San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Several trucks are regularly parked on Lane Street between Newcomb Avenue and Oakdale. Routinely, these pick-up trucks, vans, and graffiti covered trucks are used to dump old refrigerators, televisions, and computers etc. Often these items are fall off the trucks or are smashed on the sidewalk. In addition, a school playground is located right in front of this location. It is an incredible eyesoar.
  • 90 Bayview St San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
  • 445 Visitacion Avenue San Francisco, CA 94134, USA - Visitacion Valley
    Blankets being sold along fence.
  • 100 Pennsylvania Ave San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    Unaccepted street - it's a disaster zone. Illegal dumping almost every day. Homeless encampments. Grafitti. Car break-ins. Potholes. no sidewalks.
  • 1015 Kansas Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill

    Need speed humps on Kansas Street block between 22nd and 23rd St.

    Cars and Taxis often drive at racing speeds down this segment of Kansas Street. It is very dangerous and this would greatly add to the safety of our neighborhood.

  • 4801 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    4801 Third Street full of trash and mattresses dumped. Night train sleeping on mattresses. DPW please clean.
  • 1670 Newcomb Ave San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Someone has been on sleeping on the sidewalk leaving mattress and trash on a daily basis.
  • 2040 Oakdale Ave San Francisco, CA - Bayview
    There is a tree that is leaning too far.
  • 1604 Kirkwood Ave San Francisco, CA - Bayview
    It is very frustrating that this issue was closed days after I reported it yet the dumped items are STILL IN THE SAME PLACE. It's used oil and if it leaks it will get in to our sewers which is NOT where it belongs!
  • Pennsylvania Avenue & Interstate 280 & Pennsylvania Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    On April 9, 2013...around 7:30 am...I watched as one of the employees from Silver Sprouts Co. went over to the location and deposited 2 white plastic garbage bags full of refuse. He tried to place both bags underneath the shrubbery closest to the off-ramp.
  • 1500-1714 Cesar Chavez Street San Francisco, California - Potrero Hill
    Dirt and rocks are covering sidewalk, making walking safely difficult, especially since there is fast traffic and large trucks driving by within 2 feet.
  • 1309 Lane St San Francisco, CA 94124 - Bayview
    White house on the corner of Newcomb and Lane covered with graffiti.