District 10: Malia Cohen

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  • 1500-1546 Mariposa Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    Hypodermic needles found in the sandbox at this playground twice this week. I called the Bayview station non emergency line last month due to a homeless man and his dog camping in the playground. My concern then was dog feces but needles are unacceptable.
  • 1933 Mariposa St San Francisco, CA 94107 - Potrero Hill
    There is a muni bus stop here with no bench and no trash can. Every single day the corner is covered in trash from people getting on the bus. Complained to city and nothing happens. Move the stop or put in a can!
  • Newcomb Ave San Francisco, CA 00 - Bayview
    Routinely, the 4 way stop signs at Newcomb and Keith streets are ignored by speeding drivers. We have elders crossing the streets in fear after they get off the MUNI and children going to school down the hill.
  • 1501 Revere San Francisco, CA - Bayview
    Badly blighted building.
  • 149 Hooper St San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    The former Greyhound Bus Terminal is becoming a homeless encampment. There is one van parked in the building and two shelters currently.
  • 899-923 Innes Avenue San Francisco, CA 94124, USA - Bayview
    Our beautiful steps, Flight of Fancy, are covered in trash!! Corner of Innes Avenue @ Arelious Walker. Please have DPW send out a crew to clean it up. I cleaned some but need help.
  • 805 Wisconsin Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Potrero Hill
    illegal auto repair facility on street. 9am-8pm, 7 days a week, whenever he has business. grease & greasy cat litter EVERYWHERE. Cars on jacks. automotive parts on sidewalk."customers" hanging out throwing trash on the sidewalk. problem for at least 2 years. Owner is 50s, 5'7", 240lbs, brown wavy hair, caucasian and/or hispanic. His name might be Michael.
  • 1356 Kansas St San Francisco, CA 94107 - Potrero Hill
    The property fronting HWY 101 is littered with trash and the fence is inadequate to keep people out. This problem deal with CalTrans property from Army Street north to 22 Street.
  • 38 Bayview St San Francisco, CA 94124 - Bayview
    We desperately need speed bumps along Bayview Street. Cars speed up and down street despite three way stop sign.
  • blight Open
    941 Vermont St San Francisco, CA 94107 - Potrero Hill
    permanent homeless camp due to blight from cal trans lack of maintenance
  • 401-499 15th St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    A tent city is on 15th Street btw Vermont and San Bruno. The sidewalks are completely blocked on both sides of 15th Street, and the camps have grown so far out into 15th that the street is now reduced to one lane. Additionally, the corners at the ends of each encampment have been piled with garbage.