District 11: John Avalos

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Watching issues created after: 2008-07-21

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  • Brotherhood Way San Francisco, CA 94132 - Ocean View
    Segamore St. has 3 lanes in each direction. Only one lane merges onto the 2 west-bound lanes of Brotherhood Way. The entrance to Brotherhood Way can support a 2-lane merge from Segamore. During high traffic periods, the backup on Segamore is long and people drive crazy, speed, and make illegal lane changes to get in the far right lane at the last minute. An additional merge lane onto Brotherhood Way would make the merge much safer and faster.
  • 414 Lakeview Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Multiple violations. 1. Broken window with frame perched above walking area on street facing side of building. 2. Overgrown lot posing fire danger. 3. Litter in yard. 4. Fading paint/blighted exterior.
  • 3355-3399 Alemany Blvd San Francisco, CA - Ocean View
    This has to be some of the worst pavement patching I've seen in the bay area. Left lane of Alemany from Brotherhood way approaching the 280 underpass.
  • 190 Maynard Street San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Excelsior
    Peter Spediacci runs his painting business out of his home with blight and potential toxic waste disposal in open areas in his front yard. Debris and equipment litter the front yard, multiple commercial vehicles are parked on the street. Scaffolding is piled up leaning against the next door neighbors house, paint buckets litter his yard. Old appliances and now an old hot tub sit on the lawn. Garbage bins are next to the sidewalk on his driveway in plain sight. A disgusting mess anywhere you look. And as homeowners living nearby, it devalues our neighborhood and is tiring to have to look at constantly. He is vengeful and will apply retribution to anyone opposing his self interested mess. I do not want this complaint aired in public due to fear of retribution, but I'm also fed up with living in a run down commercial-like environment.
  • 275-299 Brighton Ave San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
  • Other Nuisance Acknowledged
    80 Bruce Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Car on sidewalk
  • 644 Silver Avenue San Francisco, CA - Excelsior
    There is no stop sign on Silver Avenue between Congdon and Cambridge. Traffic between the two stops reaches 40 mph in a 20 mph zone. Request stop sign at Silver and Gambier since there is already a bus stop there. Will be safer for bus passengers entering and exiting the bus. Will also help drivers who are trying to turn onto Silver from Gambier that can't see due to parked cars.
  • 130 Plymouth Ave San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ocean View
    Pedestrian crosswalk light from Plymouth across San Jose Avenue along Sagamore far too short, only about 15 seconds. Should be at least 24-26 second. I cannot make it across in time and children and seniors don't stand a chance. One block away, crossing Alemeny, the time allotted to cross its about 30 seconds and the distance is shorter.
  • 1184 Geneva Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Excelsior
    Excessive debris and garbage in the back yard. It is piled so high you can see it from the street and Google Earth. This is Brothers Haircut 1184 Geneva (x Naples). 2 restaurants and a bar are located next to this shop. Debris can also be seen from the side entrance to the back yard.
  • 1168 Plymouth Ave San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Near 1180 plymouth ave
  • Moneta Way San Francisco, CA 94112 - Outer Mission
    parking on curved sidewalks blocking walkways and you also can't see traffic coming on Moneta way.
  • Other Nuisance Acknowledged
    2-28 Williar Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112, USA - Ingleside
    Car on sidewalk