Michael McGlynn, Mayor

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Michael McGlynn, Mayor

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  • 2nd request Archived
    Rt16 Medford, MA - Medford
  • Murray Supply Mystic Ave Medford, Massachusetts - Medford

    There is graffitti alongside Murray Supply on Golden Ave side of building

    It has been there for years, reported to town departments and owner of business for years- and still NOTHING changes

    Very disrespectful of owner to not be concerned with their effect or responsibilities within community

  • Sign down Archived
    Mystic Valley Parkway @ Whole Foods Medford, MA - Medford
    The wheelchair access signage has come down into Mystic Vally Parkway. (See photo) I lifted it up onto the curb out of the street, as cars were hitting it, and left it next to where it had been planted.
  • 288-292 Harvard Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    The crosswalks on Harvard St at the intersection of Winchester St need to be repainted. They are no longer visible to vehicles.
  • (pothole) Archived
    57 Winthrop St Medford, MA 02155 - Medford
    Coming down Winthrop, as you cross Boston Ave - you have to slow down to about 5 MPH to cross the intersection without destroying your car.
  • 43 Prescott St Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    Abutting neighbots asked for help repeatedly on this! The persons at 43 Prescott St. have what amounts to a landfill in their back yard, which my property and 2 others directly abuts. It is filled with trash, animal feces, household debris and has gone UNMOWED for 3 years now. I cannot sell my home because of this filth. The persons in the home regularly have outdoor fires, and it's only a matter of time before the dead brush and grass goes up in flames. In the spring - fall the yard is infested with flies, and it's nearly impossible to be outside in because of this. Please do something!!
  • Tufts Park Medford, MA - Medford
    A group of dog owners volunteered to clean the park today. We collected 6 bags of litter. We placed them by the blue storage shed.
  • 562 Main St Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Culvert is clogged with leaves and debris, and isn't draining well.
  • Lincoln Rd medford, ma - Medford
    Lower # of Lincoln Rd (from Lawrence Rd to Powder House Rd)
  • 2-10 Hall Avenue Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Hall avenue is in deplorable condition. Please fill some potholes.
  • 5 Hatch Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Snow plows pushing snow up the street onto my driveway have gouged a huge section of the pavement down to the underlayment where the driveway meets the street.
  • Speeding Archived
    41-47 Winchester Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Speeding cars on Winchester street are a daily scary occurrence.