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  • 11270 Fairfield Drive Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    Between 11395 Fairfield Dr & Broadoak there is a MASSIVE buildup of rainwater in the empty lots threatening to flood houses on both Sherwood Dr & Fairfield. The cause is a clogged culvert that goes UNDER Fairfield where the water is unable to drain off. Please have someone go & unclog the culvert to alleviate the problem.
  • 2000 Rikisha Ln Beaumont, TX 77706, USA - Beaumont
    Safety issue for kids riding bikes to and from school. Street needs work ASAP as I witnessed a kid fall due to this street.
  • 2395 North Street Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    the drain at north and 8th is not working at all. flooding after every rain
  • 199 Canary Lane Caldwood, TX 77707, United States of America - Beaumont
    Manhole case is broken. Needs to be repaired to accommodate drainage
  • 860-898 Lindbergh Dr Beaumont, TX 77707, USA - Beaumont
    I was second in line at this light this morning and before I got thru the light it turned yellow!! Maybe a 6 second green light!!
  • 6820 Griffing Rd Beaumont, TX 77708, USA - Beaumont
    Multiple ruts exist along the edge of Old Voth Rd in front of Roy Guess.
  • 11230 Sherwood Drive Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    The water in the ditches on the railroad side of Sherwood Dr. used to drain to the culvert that runs parallel with the tracks & under the RR crossing at Broadoak. Hurricane Harvey washed away most of the barrier rocks that protected Sherwood & the new rocks that were brought in to replace them were not put in with regard to the drainage of the area. Now anytime it rains even a little bit, all the excess water that should stay on that side of the road and drain north is forced across Sherwood Dr and wreaks havoc on our already strained drainage system. I suspect that the culvert under the RR crossing is MIA or clogged due to rocks being dumped without regard to drainage. Please look into this. Every time it rains Sherwood Drive @ Broadoak becomes im-passable.
  • 4545 Glen Oaks Circle Beaumont Texas 77708 - Beaumont
    Several large sink holes along City's storm drainage, causing driveway to collapse, serious safety issues
  • 3855 Buckingham Row Beaumont, Texas - Beaumont
    tap water in kitchen and bathroom are discolored
  • 2447 Harrison Avenue Beaumont, TX 77702, United States of America - Beaumont
    Actual address is 2445 Harrison
  • 7325 Tram Rd Beaumont, TX 77713, USA - Beaumont
  • 3501 Evalon Ave Beaumont, TX 77706, USA - Beaumont
    dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians