City Engineering - Storm Drains and Catch Basins

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  • New Haven CT - Downtown

    I come from further North originally and our snow removal plan works wonderfully. So here is how "back home" does it.

    Day of suspected storm:
    1) Open the parking lots of Churches, public schools and city parking lots for free parking all nite until 7am (M-F) or 8am (Sa/Su). If not removed, cars get towed with fines due the city - (money maker!) Free bus shuttles available.

    2a) Cars park on "no parking" side of street or just one side on a street with parking open on both sides. Back home we have these streets marked with a Blue Square on the signs.

    2b) Cars can not park on "parking this side only" or one side of street the day of the storm. This is the parking ban. This side of the street would be marked with a Yellow Square back home. Again, cars towed when in the way (money maker for the city!)

    Plows do their job on the day of the storm on the empty side. The following day after the storm, cars are allowed to park on the other side of the street so this side can now get cleaned.

    Its so simple and its proven to work!

  • 181 Edwards St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Lack of snow removal on Orange St. between Bishop and Edwards Streets, and on Edwards St. between Whitney Ave. and Orange St. There is quite a bit of snow and ice from the previous storm even where cars are not parked. Parking is very limited on both sides.
  • 240 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    when it rains this drain over flows in the side walk and driveway...public works has not done nothing when i haved call in the past and now that the heat is coming raw seweage smell is coming out
  • Pearl St New Haven, CT - SOHU

    I want to say thank you to Doug Hausladen, Mayor Harp, and all the folks at DPW who listened to us, and did a great job at snow push back and removal. I know there are some folks who may not be satisfied, but over all I think this has been a major improvement from years past. And I hope that going forward, there will be a policy in place that will be effective and not break the bank.

    Thank you again.

  • SNOWED IN Archived
    Hervey Street At Kneeland New Haven, CT - East Shore
    This area has not been plowed, since BEFORE THE STORM. Then nothing for 2 DAYS. This is unacceptable. It stopped snowing Saturday around 8am and it is Sunday 1pm and we are still snowed in with no sign of street plows. My kids need to go to school tomorrow, how long is this going to take???
  • 831 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Many, trucks, cars, busses run the red lights on Whalley during the morning hours. I was almost hit by a car driving excessive speeds who went right through this light. This happens too often. I never see police enforcement ever. An officer could easily set up on the West Rock Extension and catch people one after the other running this light and help make our city a little safer.
  • 927-963 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    The huge oak that was felled in the storm could be turned into great park benches for the green.
  • Townsend Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Kid on ATV tearing up and down Townsend Avenue the past few nights around 10. Now would be a good time to set up one of those traffic checks at Parker Place. Catch him as speeds through the stop sign.
  • 199 Whitney Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Yale University Campus
    There is a curb over a sewer drain at the entrance to the medical office at 199 Whitney Ave. The curb is damaged and chipped. Patients turning right into the parking lot run the risk of having their tires slashed or blown out. It happens several times a year, recently just this week.
  • Sewage Archived
    Nicoll And Lawrence New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    The street drain at this corner smell strongly of sewage. Could there be a backup in the sewer system here? If so can it be cleared to reduce the odor and probability of bio hazardous waste laying stagnant in our neighborhood?
  • Alton And Main Street Corner New Haven, CT - Fair Haven
    After every rain, a big pool of water is formed damaging the sidewalk and basements of nearly houses. This is a ongoing problem for about ten years, being a danger for pedestrians and school children.
  • 607 East Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Gloria's Market has been using city trash and recycling for years. This issue has been reported before but has not been resolved. The market put its cans out before the storm, they tipped over and spread garbage and recycling all over the neighborhood. I went out and picked them up as I have no way of contacting the business owner. To add insult to injury the recycling bins were full of garbage as well as recycling. If they were using the dumpster in their alley like they're supposed to this wouldn't have happened.