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  • 23 Barnett Street New Haven, ct - Westville
    Barnett Street between Willard and West Elm Streets has an impossible parking situation when it snows. We have three apartment buildings on Barnett and only on-street parking. Everyone leaves for work by 8:30am and returns starting at 3pm. We desperately need the city of NH to send a plow during these hours to clean!! What then happens because the city refuses to do this, everyone illegally parks when they return making the situation a nightmare. We all need to work together during a storm including the neighbors who do NOT clear the sidewalks in front of their houses making it difficult and dangerous to walk to the bus stop. This is my second year here with this awful situation that can easily be fixed if we all work together.
  • 265 Willow St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    VW bug Maryland license 988 BGB has been parked and never shoveled all winter. It is covered in snow from every storm. When one walks by one can see that its passenger window facing the street is open. Snow going in car. Abandoned auto?
  • Pearl St At Lincoln St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    In regards to Pearl St between Orange St and the back entrance to the new Yale School of Management construction site: First, the northern 2 feet of pavement along the entire length of the road is missing (there is no sidewalk or curb and the pavement ends in dirt). This makes for flooding, and accelerated road wear. If the lawn club doesn't want a sidewalk there, at least there needs to be a curb and drainage.
    Second: This road is used by NUMEROUS HEAVY TRUCKS that service Cafe Romeo, and the school buses for the New Haven Academy. I assume once the business school is completed they will take truck deliveries through that road as well. Right now, there are deep rectangular potholes on Pearl and the whole width of the road is crumbling at the intersection with Lincoln, which makes for dangerously unstable gravel in the turn. It needs to be repaired now and permanently (not when the business school is complete) with significantly more durable pavement.
  • 129 Hobart St New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    I have made numerous complaints to PW and my Alder persons about the condition of the sidewalk in front of my home for well over 18 years. I have stood with two PW inspectors and three Alder persons within those years and all have agreed that the sidewalk is in need of repair/replacement. A citywide assessment of the sidewalks listed Hobart St, starting at Whalley Ave, as one of the streets that in poorest condition. So what has been done?

    Two days ago PW filled one of the newly damaged areas of the sidewalk in front of my home and in front of my neighbors home with ASPHALT!!!!!

    The cracked, sloped and sunken sidewalk was not such an appealing draw to my home that the city figured after 18 years to add some color to spruce it up with an eyesore patch of ASPHALT!!!! Is it the intention to make our neighborhood look more like a ghetto?

    For everyday use the sidewalk is a tripping hazard....when it rains the entire sidewalk is flooded and pedestrians are ankle deep in the winter I have to physically try to divert the thawing snow from flooding the sidewalk before it freezes because I cant treat with traditional melt because it will result in water on top of ice which creates a severe slip and fall factor.

    12/20/14 I called in a snow removal complaint because as a direct result of the damaged sidewalk that does not drain properly my sidewalk was flooding. On 12/24/14 I called to request attention be given to my sidewalk in the Spring...I left my name and phone number and no one called but it was acknowledged on this site. Maybe someone will call this time to arrange for another inspection that will result in the replacement before the ground gets cold again.

    18 years people!!!!!! ASPHALT is the answer

  • East Rock New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU

    The walking situation in East Rock is ridiculous - this probably applies to a multiple of other neighborhoods but I live in East Rock and this is what I'm experiencing.

    To those who have cleared/salted/sanded their sidewalks - a HUGE thank you. To those who haven't: I'm completely not blaming you since you have no motivation. The city continues to complain about not having enough money to plow the roads (a whole 'nother issue itself) - Well guess what New Haven - THERE ARE PLENTY OF LANDOWNERS WHO HAVEN'T CLEARED THEIR SIDEWALKS AS PER CITY RULES: FINE THEM! This is the only way to get people to become responsible for their properties - give them incentive to clear their sidewalks. I have fallen THREE times in the last 1.5 weeks, and it wasn't for lack of proper shoes.

    The areas surrounding Humphrey street are impassable - I should've just worn ice skates this morning trying to walk down Orange st. Part of the problem of course are the mountain heaps of snow/ice on the sidewalks that are preventing draining of melting snow.

    Your citizens are @#$%, New Haven. Where the HECK are our tax dollars going? If you're hurting for money, start being freaking pro-active and enforce your own statutes - with all the fine money you'd get, maybe you could start doing something about the dang budget.

    -A concerned, upset citizen.

  • Cliff Street New Haven, Connecticut - Prospect Hill
    The New Haven Recycling truck is still leaking broken glass along its route. This morning large deposits of glass are all over Everitt Street, St. Ronan, Cliff, and the rest of the Prospect/St. Ronan neighborhood. I had issued a ticket regarding this issue already and Public Works responded that the truck had been fixed. Obviously, this is not the case.
  • Scooter gangs Acknowledged
    851-881 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Three times in the last month, I've seen a group of teenagers riding around on scooters recklessly and illegally. None of the scooters have license plates, and one of the looks like the plate bracket itself was broken off -- leading me to suspect they were stolen. The kids dodge in and out of traffic, up onto sidewalks, and dive through red lights.

    Given how many cars I see stopped for speeding or other minor traffic infractions, I'm amazed that this reckless theft and endangerment doesn't seem to concern the police. I understand it would hard to catch these kids -- they would scatter in 4 different directions if they saw a cop -- but doesn't the law apply to them too?

  • Stone St New Haven, CT - West Rock
    Tons of children come to play in the Blake St/Stone St park - This morning as I passed the park I could not believe how much trash is all over the park and street. The one garbage can is overflowing; bags of trash are hanging off of the fences and benches. People are also often seen cleaning out their cars onto the street, smoking (things other than cigarettes), and drinking alcohol openly. There are schools near by that use this park as well as daycares and the local families. The park needs more trash cans - maybe if they are placed by the benches they will catch the majority of the garbage. The cans do need to be emptied regularly.
  • 24-26 Eld Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    There at least a half dozen cars in violation of the emergency parking ban, some of which have been there for several weeks through several storms. They make snow removal impossible and have made the road nearly impassable, especially if someone is parked on the other side of the street near them. Pearl street has the same issue. These cars need to be towed
  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Disgraceful ATV's tearing up the newly made single lane streets/roads.

    These are and never were "kids just having fun" (several grown men among them)--riding at HIGH speeds in the aftermath of a major crises.

  • 140 Cottage Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    I understand that this is a once in a century storm and the NHDPW is "working around the clock to clean the city streets but why have they plowed the tiny block of Cottage between Linvingston and Orange but neglected the block between Whitney and Livingston. The methodology and strategy of the plowing in East Rock boggles me. Why plow one tiny block of a street yet not plow it completely. What are you going to do tomorrow after the rain freezes this all into a solid mass?
  • Sidewalks Archived
    734 Orange Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    734/736 Orange has not shoveled since last week's storm. This big corner house has two frontages on Orange and Avon, neither shoveled. The city should make an easy $100 here if they want to. It looks like the only uncleared sidewalk for blocks around.