City Engineering - Storm Drains and Catch Basins

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  • Whalley New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    What would it take to assign a city cleanup crew twice a month or more to scour a mile or two of Whalley from the Marriott west? It's an important focal point for groceries, restaurants, and other quality stores, and maybe with some love and attention the people inhabiting it would take notice and, who knows, take a little (gulp) pride in their neighborhood?
  • 844-848 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
    This bus stop is disgusting. Constantly smells of urine and defecation. Also, constant drug dealing. The city needs to put one permanent police officer here every day and start mitigating the drug deals and disgusting behavior here.
  • 446 Orange Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    While cycling into work this morning, I was almost run off the road by a super-aggressive driver in a beat-up green pickup truck (not enough time to catch the license plate) who gave me about SIX INCHES of space instead of the THREE FEET required by CT law. Question: has the NHPD ever ticketed a driver for violating this CT law? This is a great idea for another enforcement campaign.
  • Stone St New Haven, CT - West Rock
    Tons of children come to play in the Blake St/Stone St park - This morning as I passed the park I could not believe how much trash is all over the park and street. The one garbage can is overflowing; bags of trash are hanging off of the fences and benches. People are also often seen cleaning out their cars onto the street, smoking (things other than cigarettes), and drinking alcohol openly. There are schools near by that use this park as well as daycares and the local families. The park needs more trash cans - maybe if they are placed by the benches they will catch the majority of the garbage. The cans do need to be emptied regularly.
  • 140 Cottage Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    I understand that this is a once in a century storm and the NHDPW is "working around the clock to clean the city streets but why have they plowed the tiny block of Cottage between Linvingston and Orange but neglected the block between Whitney and Livingston. The methodology and strategy of the plowing in East Rock boggles me. Why plow one tiny block of a street yet not plow it completely. What are you going to do tomorrow after the rain freezes this all into a solid mass?
  • Front St Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Winter wonderland for illegal operation of vehicles--5 in a pack. Tremendously loud, have been out all day since snowstorm started.

    NHPD non-emergency called. Seems they can't be bothered to listen to the community given their incredibly unprofessional response and disregard towards said community: nearly hung up on before documenting the call yet again!

  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Disgraceful ATV's tearing up the newly made single lane streets/roads.

    These are and never were "kids just having fun" (several grown men among them)--riding at HIGH speeds in the aftermath of a major crises.

  • Scooter gangs Acknowledged
    851-881 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Three times in the last month, I've seen a group of teenagers riding around on scooters recklessly and illegally. None of the scooters have license plates, and one of the looks like the plate bracket itself was broken off -- leading me to suspect they were stolen. The kids dodge in and out of traffic, up onto sidewalks, and dive through red lights.

    Given how many cars I see stopped for speeding or other minor traffic infractions, I'm amazed that this reckless theft and endangerment doesn't seem to concern the police. I understand it would hard to catch these kids -- they would scatter in 4 different directions if they saw a cop -- but doesn't the law apply to them too?

  • Mural Project Archived
    832 Chapel St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    Downtown Wooster Square Community Management Team is looking for mural submissions for the side of the Foot Locker building.

    Please email all mural submissions to

    Mural guidelines:
    -25' x 25' space
    -Fits the theme of downtown/New Haven
    -Would be eye catching and attractive to visitors and residents

  • 9 th request Archived
    214 Goffee New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Picture tells it all. You can see each storm layer like tree rings.
  • 76 Clinton Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    Every day we have cars and motorcycles going about 50 miles an hour up Clinton Ave., a residential street with many children, pets, and elderly residents. Prime time to catch these offenders would be 5-8 p.m.
  • 603 East New Haven, CT - East Rock

    So far during the storm we have had a total of 10 cars either parked, abandoned, or stuck on East, State, and Mechanic. Yet I keep hearing countless complaints that X's street isn't being plowed, or Y's power is out, z cant get to work...etc...

    Please understand that anyone who tries to traverse these streets by car is only exacerbating the problem, I personally have seen far too many people have to turn around because the road ahead is blocked by either snow or another vehicle, yet everyone seems to believe they are entitled not only to have THEIR street plowed, but as soon as it is to be out and about getting stuck and clogging up the streets so that no one can get through, especially the plows and emergency vehicles that need to.

    Be patient, stay home if you can, and if you can't know where you are going and what roads are clear ahead of time. Every time someone gets stuck, they are blocking the way through for a plow that is very likely on its way to clear your path.