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  • Snow Removal Archived
    22 Eld St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    I just saw the EOC's message that snow removal is complete. There were parking bans for the last week and Eld St has not had snow removal to go along with these bans. There are no new parking spots available and now more cars will need spots. While I understand the awesome force of nature that this storm was, I do not understand why all major arteries into town are cleared so that individuals who live in suburbs can now easily commute into New Haven and Yale, but those who live in New Haven are still struggling to find parking and have safe streets to navigate between these major arteries.
  • 360 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - 770 Chapel Big
    Fox news Channel 8 building has 4 flood lights which disturb my sleep. Unnecessarily bright and obtrusive.
  • 27-43 Derby Ave New Haven, CT - West River

    Be 1 of 500 neighbors to Donate $20 or more to help make this project happen:

    This a project for Be The Change in NHV. In our project, we will build on what we have accomplished over the last four years in Monitor Square. The first component of our project aims to improve accessibility to Monitor Square. Currently there is only a single entrance to the park, and it is a narrow gap in the railing at Chapel and Winthrop (see photo).

    We feel that a single, small entrance discourages people from using the park. We would like to double the width of this entrance and to create a second entrance at Derby and Winthrop. We will also create a transition from the sidewalk to the grass by installing a bed of pavers at each entrance. These three changes—doubling the width of the existing entrance, adding a second entrance, and installing the transitions—will make the park more enticing and encourage people to use it. Whereas the current entrance, narrow and unadorned, works to keep people out of the park, the new, welcoming entrances will invite people to cross the street and enter into and enjoy the park. The resulting increased use of this public space will make the neighborhood safer and more vibrant.

    The other component of our project focuses on the centerpiece of Monitor Square, a monument topped by a statue of an eagle. This eagle is dramatic to behold, with wings spread, talons raised, and head staring down (see photos). (We think it is the most amazing sculpture in any park in New Haven, but we may be slightly biased.)

    At nighttime, this great New Haven asset loses its value because it is all but invisible in the unlit park, and we would like to correct this by lighting the sculpture up from below. The site of the eagle lit up against the nighttime sky will be eye-catching for both pedestrians in the neighborhood and drivers heading west on Chapel or Derby.


    Monitor Square is a nicely scaled public space, about one-third of an acre, situated on thoroughfares that connect downtown with the western side of the city. It sits at the intersection of three neighborhoods—West River, Edgewood, and Dwight—and is bordered by Chapel Street, Derby Avenue, and Winthrop Avenue (see photo).

    The story of our work in Monitor Square is part of the larger story of our work to improve the West River neighborhood. In 2008 the Community Foundation chose West River as a site for its Neighborhood of Choice program, and under the guidance of Kevin Ewing, ordinary residents began to come together, get to know one another, and explore ways to improve the neighborhood. At the very start of this effort, Monitor Square was the site of a tragic murder. On the evening of Sunday, June 29, shortly after midnight, 53-year-old Antoinette Joyner was struck and killed by a stray bullet as she sat on a porch overlooking Monitor Square petting a cat. This was one of the key reasons we decided that improving Monitor Square should be part of our efforts to improve West River.

    In 2009 we successfully applied to have Monitor Square designated a Community Greenspace site by Urban Resources Initiative. We have just completed our fourth season as a Community Greenspace site, and over the course of those four summers we have transformed Monitor Square. We have built two flowerbeds, one at the corner of Chapel and Derby and the other around the monument in the center of the park. We have planted seven trees within Monitor Square and another seven on the curb strip around it. In the past two years, our efforts have spilled out to the surrounding blocks. There are ten new trees on curb strips across the street from Monitor Square, and last year we built a flowerbed in front of an adjoining apartment building. We’ve even extended our efforts to a site three blocks away, at the corner of Derby Avenue and Ella T. Grasso Boulevard. There we removed a huge stand of weeds, planted five trees, and built a flowerbed around a sign that welcomes people to New Haven.

    This project is looking to raise $10,000 in 60 days from 500 neighbors:

    If you would like to be thanked on facebook for your donation and let your friends know about the cause like us here:

  • 35-57 Bradley Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    What is it going to take to plow?
  • 36 E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    The Grand Ave Bridge is a mess. There is litter, seaweed, fishguts, and broken bottles all over the bridge. The fishermen are making a mess and won't clean up after themselves. I'd love to see people be able to come and fish and I've seen some big catches that i'm sure they appreciate... but this has gone too far.
  • 48 Emerson Street New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    Flooding is a constant problem from here to corner of Whalley Avenue on the even numbered side of Emerson Street. Lack of curbs,sidewalks and a level road surface make it unsafe for the residents on this street! Alderperson please help... many elementary school and handicapped students walk this way.
  • 3 Runo Terrace New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    Storm drain in rear lot has been backing up every time it rains. It is a major problem. Please fix it!
  • 550 Quinnipiac New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    At the intersection of Aner and Quinnipiac. happened last night. If I ever catch this person; doctors are going to have to surgically remove that spray can. The sooner this is removed the less it will stain the pavement. LCI, this is YOUR sidewalk. get down here and clean up your property. Mow your lawn and clean up your litter while you are at it. Neighbors are tired of doing it for you.
  • 108 Springside Avenue New Haven, CT - West Rock
    As I travel Valley Street everyday, I am stating that the hope Mayor Harp follows thru on her plan to tag and tow cars. From East Ramsdell thru Pond Lily Avenue the cars have parked on the odd side of the street thru every snow storm. The road is not plowed wide enough for buses or cars to get thru side by side. Please do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can park in West Hills magnet School.
  • 111 Nash St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Sidewalks on Nash, corner Eagle Street have 3 storms' worth of snow on them. Dangerous going.
  • Storm Drain Clogged Acknowledged
    2 58 Barnett St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Storm drain on west side of Barnett at corner of West Elm completely blocked. It looks clear at street level but water does not drain at all.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    118-146 Church St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    Walking to work was certainly an adventure everywhere but especially on the Green. Please clear the sidewalks while you have the chance and before the next snowstorm! Thanks.