Shelton, CT

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  • shovel help Archived
    302 Howe Avenue Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton

    Shovel walkway to stairs
    Around car
    Side of car


  • Potholes Archived
    Ripton Road Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    There are a significant number of large potholes on Ripton road from Huntington center to Mohegan Rd.
  • Shelton High School Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    Students pay $100.00 per school year to park in the students parking area. Why is the parking area for the students torn up, huge potholes and bumps in this area. The students had to leave their classes to move their cars so that the snow plows could move the snow from the parking area. Can't the plows plow before school starts in the am so our students do not class as they have to move their cars and then move them back to their parking spots.
  • Howe Ave Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    I was driving home on Tuesday from work at 2:35. I was on Howe Ave with my left turn signal on to go onto Rt8 now that the other entrance ramp is closed. There was a white SUV coming out of that road (not sure of the name of road) coming from Coram ave with their left signal on. There was a red car approaching from the downtown area. Red car of course had right of way. Well, the white SUV jumped out in front of the red car to go left towards downtown almost t-boning the red car. Red car had to swerve and was now headed head on into my car. It was the superior driving of the person in this red car that he was able to swerve between me and the parked cars on Howe and he was facing the other direction. If not for his excellent driving I would be dead and possible him also. I want to thank him for that. I look and see the SUV just aimlessly driving down the road like nothing happened and was THEIR fault!!!! Something has to be done at this intersection. An officer should be there or something horrible is going to happen. It almost did on me and the red car!!!
  • Royal Court Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    Within the passed couple months the road of Royal Court started to be paved. BUT the paving has not been completed Down by the circle the road has only been half paved also they didn't paved with a top coat on areas of the street and also about 12 - 15 feet from the curbs. Are they going to finish before the snow comes and if yes when do they intend to finish this road?
  • Pothole Open
    30-92 New St Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
  • 20-98 Progress Dr Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    there are multiple potholes up and down both sides of progress drive
  • poor pavement Archived
    Blueberry Lane shelton, USA - Shelton
    very uneven and rough pavement including potholes and damaged curbing. Conditions are exacerbated in the winter... Blueberry Lane has not been repaved in many, many years and needs it now
  • Graffiti Archived
    63 Maltby St Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    graffiti on telephone pole outside my house as well as US mailbox
  • Old Bridgeport Ave Shelton, CT - Shelton
    From Twitter @mchesner reports: FYI traffic light at Bridgeport Ave & Route 8 in Shelton is stuck in blinking mode.
  • 43 Princess Wenonah Dr Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    The utility pole just opposite 43 Princess Wenonah Drive is completely overgrown. Had a guy from Comcast out last week and he could hardly get up to the wire. A few years ago we had a small fire on this pole and UI trimmed the tree but nothing has been done since. Nervous the same thing will happen again very soon.
  • Shovel Archived
    Wooster Street Shelton, CT - Shelton

    Requesting help in shoveling