Shelton, CT

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  • 26 Cathy Drive Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    Several large potholes COMPLETED THANK YOU
  • Buck Hill Shelton, CT - Shelton
    House on Buck Hill was robbed on March 7th
  • Access Road Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    Can the owner of the property that used to be Crabtree be compelled to cut the grass (weeds)? It's an eyesore. We have concerned citizens going out of their way to clean up the roads to beautify the city, and then there's Crabtree.
  • 293-299 State Highway 714 Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    The recently revised traffic pattern at the traffic light located on Bridgeport Avenue (state hwy. 714), in Shelton, at the exit 13 interchange has really messed up traffic. The traffic pattern on the northbound side of Bridgeport Avenue, at the Route 8 on ramp, was revised from two lanes of through traffic traveling northbound to one lane of through traffic and a turn only lane onto Route 8. By reducing the number of through traffic lanes by half it has severely affected the traffic flow at this location. Now with only one lane of through travel it has created a bottle neck that has cars backup for almost a half a mile. It has also created a safety concern on the old Bridgeport Avenue access road, which parallels this main road, and the commuter lot there because a lot of cars use them to bypass the light and the backup.
  • 3 Oak Avenue Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    There is graffiti all over the mailbox here and it looks terrible
  • Big Y On Bridgeport Ave Shelton, CT - Shelton
    I've been at Big Y where the light doesn't change for 5-6 minutes at least. Possibly longer - that's when I give up and go right on red and take Todd Road to get where I need to go. It's maddening.
  • White St Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Large piece of graffiti on utility box outside of Marks of Design
  • 81 Hill Street Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Haven't seen this cat for quite awhile now. Hope she was provided with a good home.
  • Constitution Blvd North Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Hard to get out from SHS to Constitution Blvd because of oncoming traffic, folks don't use turn signals or slow down, also STOP signs in SHS parking area are constantly ignored.
  • Kings Highway Between Meadow St And Sandy Lane Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    Road is narrow on Kings Highway between Meadow Street and Sandy Lane. School buses use this road. Road is like a roller coaster and children are not strapped in. Area between Meadow Street and Sandy Lane news to be permanently fixed - not just patched. Children get dropped off at corner of Sandy Lane and Kings Highway and use road to get to Royal Court and condos on Kings Highway. Can we resolve this issue. Road has been like this for a few years and all that is done is patching - lets get this done the correct way for our children and for the residents that use this road. thank you
  • 1 Corporate Drive Shelton, Connecticut - Shelton
    Putting green in corporate park is moldy and the holes have shifted. It is a nice time of year to Putt outside during lunch breaks and unwide a bit, but the conditions are not so good.
  • Howe Ave Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Deep pothole under route 8 hwy on Howe Ave