Shelton, CT

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  • Corner Of Congress Avenue And Wall Street Shelton Connecticut - Shelton
    Street Light at top of Wall street hill and Congress Avenue is out.
  • 80 Blueberry Ln Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    Sat sept 4 at 7:20 pm the young quad driver was going over 60 mph and had to avoid a car turning from Strawberry lane onto Blueberry. the quad skidded 114feet(measured by police) , jumped the curb, missed a parked car by 6 inches and sped away without stopping.
    Additionally he/she almost hit a woman pushing an infant in a baby carriage just before the accident. Among the illegal things he/she is doing is speeding and putting other people at risk , his parents should know this so they can plan to prepare for the accident they will have to handle the results of. Lets try to end this kids rides on the paved streets before its too late, come up and watch, it happens almost every day
  • Shelton CT, USA - Shelton

    Shovel walkway and around car.


  • Huge pot hole Archived
    Shelton Ave Shelton, CT - Shelton
    There is a huge pot hole on Shelton Ave (heading west) near the side entrance/exit of Huntington Plaza.
  • 6 58 Connecticut 108 Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    Rt. 108 (shelton ave) sidewalk cave in. State rd. left this way for mounths. Just about 100 yds where house caved into the ravine.
  • 3-7 Beardsley Road Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    There should be some type of chicane/road split to allow those turning right off of Beardsley onto 110 to be able to make the turn. Also a speed bump or two on Beardsley would be nice to help reduce speeding. Card do not slow down when coming off 110 and it could prove fatal.
  • 137 Oak Ave Shelton, CT - Shelton
    At the intersection of Oak and Elm in Shelton, there is insufficient one-way signage. There is a One Way Do Not Enter sign only on one side of the street. We need one on the other side. As a result, I constantly see cars driving the wrong way down our street. Several times, I have nearly had a collision due to someone coming down the one way section of Oak the wrong way.
  • Birdseye Shelton, CT - Shelton
    large potholes all along the street. very dangerous, especially in inclement weather
  • Tree Down Archived
    11 Wall St. Shelton, CT - Shelton
    After a storm last week, a tree on Wall St. in Shelton partially fell and it was hitting the roofs of cars passing by. I was concerned that it would fall on a car. I called the Shelton Police Department who said they would have the highway department take care of it.
    Nothing happened. After the storm on Saturday night, the tree fell onto the road. I called the Shelton police department again on Sunday and they said they would have it taken care of. Now it’s Tuesday and it’s still on the road.
  • 4 Beardsley Rd Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton

    I forgot to mention in my last post that the trash being thrown on lawns and in the street is increasing. Every Thursday I pick up trash off the lawn and beer bottles in the road. The final straw was when I found a hypodermic needle in my driveway. People are slobs and I have had it. Can we put up more signs? Can we ticket more aggressively?? There may not be solution but I have to mention this issue. Other areas are a mess and I bet other people will agree with me.

    In addition, the trash on 110 has yet to be picked up this year. I know this because I do it twice a year and I fill 2 contractor bags and give up. Can anything be done?

  • 358 Howe Ave Shelton, CT 06484 - Shelton
    This building on Howe Avenue is falling down. Now the windows are breaking from the stress. This is a serious hazard.
  • 90 Hill St Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Cars haven't moved since the first inch of snow this season. One truck owned by constuction company in front of 90 Hill St. phone # on side of truck but Lauretti doesn't believe in towing