Shelton, CT

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  • 7 E Village Rd Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    Is there any reason to put a stop sign here besides to help create accidents? There is no need for a stop sign in the middle of the new East Village Parkway.
  • 201-223 Leavenworth Road Shelton, CT - Shelton
    There is potholes/rough road surface on the Southbound side of Leavenworth Road just before the Stoplight near the white hills shopping plaza. When coming to a stop, the surface causes vehicles to lose some control while braking. This surface needs to be repaired before it causes an accident.
  • 276-374 Soundview Ave Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    almost got hit several time for people speeding around corner it is very unsafe maybe put up a speed limit radar sign
  • 1-5 Research Dr Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    huge pot hole... at the end of research drive near commerce in Shelton ct
  • 90 Hill St Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Cars haven't moved since the first inch of snow this season. One truck owned by constuction company in front of 90 Hill St. phone # on side of truck but Lauretti doesn't believe in towing
  • Pothole Archived
    87 Birdseye Rd Shelton, CT - Shelton
    There are many new, enormous potholes at the top pf Birdseye rd. be careful!
  • Speeding Archived
    2-4 Beardsley Road Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    Cars fly down road with no regard for safety. 25 mph road and cars going 60 plus down hill. In 13 years in Shelton, never seen a speed trap. Please sit in my driveway and you will have 100 tickets by noon. There will be a fatality. I am amazed not yet but what I see everyday
  • 61 Sharon Court Shelton CT 06484 - Shelton
    Sharon Court and Keron Drive require sand/salt when it snows. These hills are dangerous
  • William Street Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Near the police station going down William Street there are lots of bumps in the road.
  • Parking Archived
    Perry St. Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Echo Fire Dept. parks and obstructs the view of cross traffic. One of these days someone is going to get seriously hurt!!!
  • Isinglass Rd shelton, ct - Shelton
    Unfortunately, a tragedy brings up this long time issue. Rt 108 & Isinglass Rd needs a traffic light. A flashing sign indicating a dangerous intersection was added a few years back, but what kind of sense does it make when there is only one in the northbound direction? A flashing light will be ignored as will a traffic light that flashes after hours. It needs to be a 24hr functioning light.
  • 99-125 Long Hill Ave Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton
    It took plows hours into Friday night's and Tuesday night's storms to come to the Long Hill Ave. area. Where are these plows??? Did they sand at all? Doesn't seem like it.