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    Just outside the entrance to the WorkOut World on Seyon Street in Waltham is a pothole that won't go away. It had been smaller last year, they filled it over the summer, but it kept reappearing. They put a traffic barrel in the hole to keep you from hitting it. Of course, the whole street is one large pothole.
  • Parson Ave Waltham, MA 02453, USA - Waltham

    The entire street of Parson Ave behind #90 Beaver St is nothing but large potholes, craters and cracked road. This covers the entire stretch of the road behind the apartment building, and through the back exit. This has caused severe damage to residence vehicles who have no alternatives and must drive down the road in order to get to their parking lots behind their building.

    This road should be paved and marked a dead end as the "not a through way" sign does not deter non-resident vehicles from passing through at high speeds causing more damage to the road

  • This is on Maple St between Moody St. and Adams St. If you are travelling towards the Gold Star Mothers' Bridge from Moody on Maple St., this pothole is hidden on the right side of the lane and is usually hidden by puddles. It is in the perfect position in the road to get your right tire. It also seems to get bigger daily.
  • Right by the gas station if you're on 20 headed towards 95 in the right lane. Really hard to avoid. Good luck.
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  • (pothole) Archived
    Stow St. Waltham MA 02453 - Waltham
    This whole strecth of road has potholes all over it-large and small!
  • Fiske Street has several *huge* potholes.
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    105 Stow St Waltham, MA 02453 - Waltham
    Potholes all over this small strecth of road.
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    Multiple potholes in lane and at edge of lane turning right. Some very deep, my car was damaged by one yesterday. Some have been there for months.
  • This pot-hole just ruined my Bentley two front tires. I will be at the town hall Monday AM with a bill for someone to pay. Last week my Rolls Royce Phantom hit a huge pot-hole on Moody St.
  • All of Winter Street is a giant pothole.....
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