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  • 945 Main Street Waltham, Massachusetts - Waltham
    For the second time in recent memory the traffic lights at the intersection of Route 20, Route 117 and South Street were flashing. Occurred at 3:25 pm today. Traffic was at a standstill for a minute.
  • 1 Joyce Road Waltham, Massachusetts - Waltham

    Dear Waltham, my family and I use the Cherry St / Hamblin/ High St intersection often. it is very wide and hard to cross safely. We often walk into the Cemetery at the bus stop location, but there is no crosswalk. This cuts off a convenient family route to get to the river. There is a crosswalk further to the east, but it is less direct, has no curb cuts and is frequently blocked by liquor store parking.

    Are there any plans to improve this big intersection to make it more pedestrian friendly? Is Newton involved as well (is it on the Newton or Waltham side of the line)?

    Thanks so much.

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  • Pot Hole Archived
    180 Lake St Waltham, Massachusetts - Waltham
    Good size pothole on Lake St between Princeton Ave and Bowdoin Ave
  • Litter Open
    859 Winter St Waltham, MA 02451, USA - Waltham
    Lots of random trash along Winter St.
  • About 1/4 mile of road that is worse than many logging roads I have driven on. New road/bridge is SUPPOSED to be done in the Spring.. but right now it is a disaster.
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