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  • Intersection Of Market Street And Washington Street In Brighton 02135 - Allston-Brighton
    There should be a turn signal at the intersection of Market Street and Washington Street. Traffic is backed up on both streets with people waiting to turn. Plus, it's a safety hazard as people wait until after the light turns red to turn, or jumps the light and turns before the light turns green.
  • 2031 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    This pole is leaning precariously and seems about to topple over. Please get this fixed!
  • This stretch on comm. ave b/w harvard and washington streets is a mess.
  • Commonwealth Ave and the carriage lane that runs beside it are currently in terrible shape...
  • Went to a BC basketball game last night, I had forgotten how bad this road is. I can't say it's one pothole in particular; rather, the entire stretch from South Street to Lake Street is akin to one giant pothole. I've been on smoother dirt roads.
  • 5 Ayr Rd - Allston-Brighton

    Pulling out onto Ayr Rd from the alleyway that runs parallel to Orkney and Beacon (ie directly behind Eagle's Deli, Ace Hardware, Pino's Pizza.) is extremely dangerous--the parked cars on Ayr Rd make it nearly impossible to see oncoming traffic from either direction.

    This is particularly true if you are making a right onto Ayr Rd, heading South towards Beacon St.

    If a short (3-4 ft) no-parking zone was established on Ayr Rd from the mouth of this alleyway, it would be a tremendous aid to the visibility of drivers pulling out onto this street, and accidents like the one I had a few weeks ago could be avoided!

    Thank you for considering this idea.

  • (pothole) Archived
    8 Melton Rd Boston, MA 02135 - Allston-Brighton
  • Foster Street Brighton, MA - Allston-Brighton
    There is a wire hanging from a telephone pole near the corner of Foster and Comm. In addition, the telephone pole at the corner of Comm. is leaning over and looks like it's ready to fall.
  • They do make an effort to patch these holes but they re-appear within a week.
  • Kenrick St Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    THIS WHOLE STREET IS A TREACHEROUS OBSTACLE COURSE IN THE AM!! (Left unfixed for several years now!!)
  • 258-298 Brighton Ave Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Vehicles in the left turn lane on Brighton Ave ignore their left turn only signs and cut-off vehicles in the right lane that are heading straight onto North Beacon Street. Motorists us the left turn lane(s) to cut-off the traffic in the right lane.