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  • 1300-1310 Berkeley Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    More encampment-generated trash overflowing from this can. This morning there is a shopping cart two boxes of trash and the can is overflowing too
  • pothole Archived
    1-49 Roanoke Rd Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    36 Roanoke
  • Health Hazard Archived
    2945 Bolivar Drive Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    This tent encampment is a health hazard for those that live in it and those that pass through it. There is trash everywhere, a dog that chases runners, and the smell is alarming.
  • 1930 Hearst Ave Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    There are now three (3) separate tents with attendant piles of stuff on the block of Hearst Avenue between Milvia and MLK,Jr. Way. This is in direct violation of the local ordinance restricting encampments in residential areas. In addition, these tents/piles are obstructing the sidewalk and in one case, continually spilling into the street and bike lane. One tent is directly next to the North Berkeley Senior Center at the corner of MLK, Jr. Way. Another is a bit further east on the same side of the street (north) and the pile of stuff that has been present for over one year is further east of that one. The tent at the corner of MLK, Jr. Way has been there for at least two days without removal, and it appears that this has emboldened another urban camper to erect a second one. At this rate, that stretch of Hearst will become overrun with tents and piles of stuff. This is all within a residential area, directly across the street from homes and adjacent to Ohlone park where there are play structures and a tot land. Please immediately remove these tents and piles. This is a clear public health hazard, a violation of the ban on encampments in residential areas, a clear violation of the quantity of things permitted on public sidewalks, a clear obstruction of public sidewalks, etc., etc. What is it going to take to get this stuff removed?!!!!
  • Other Archived
    1260 Allston Way Berkeley CA 94702, United States - Berkeley
    Creek is milky colored. Very unusual.
  • Alcatraz Ave And King St Berkeley, CA - South Berkeley

    The intersection of Alcatraz Ave and King St in south Berkeley has a 2-way stop for traffic on King St, but no stop for traffic on Alcatraz going east or west. Alcatraz is a car arterial but King St is a highly trafficked bike boulevard and pedestrian corridor.

    Even with the existing flashing beacons on the crosswalk pedestrians still find it very difficult to cross Alcatraz here because drivers just don't yield, and with the poor sightlines due to all the curbside parking and the fast vehicle speeds on Alcatraz, cyclists on King St also find it very difficult and dangerous to cross here, even after stopping and yielding to cross traffic.

    I think the solution to this problem would be to either turn the 2-way stop into a 4-way stop at this intersection, or install a traffic signal that is timed to coordinate with the one at Alcatraz and Adeline. During the busiest hours Alcatraz traffic backs up all the way past King St, but motorists continue to block the intersection and fail to let cross traffic through. As such, a stop sign or traffic signal here would allow the bike boulevard traffic to make it past Alcatraz usually without even impacting the vehicles on that street at all.

  • Sacramento And Addison Berkeley, CA - Berkeley

    For several blocks east of Sacramento, there is over an inch gap along this poor repair job on the street. The contractor should be made to come back and fix it.

    Thank you

  • West Street Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Illegal dumping
  • 2100 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley

    Yesterday around 5:45 pm, within one block of this location, I saw 5 people who were plainly incapacitated by drugs. One was lying on the sidewalk; another was sitting against a streetlight pole, yelling jibberish; and yet another crossed through the Center/Shattuck intersection blocking traffic and yelling obscenities at cars. This was just five minutes of activity, in the heart of our downtown.

    I tend to see more of this activity at end of work day, particularly Friday. It is obviously unhealthy for these individuals to be left in this condition. And this concentration of drugged individuals interferes with public use and enjoyment, as well as safety.

    I have not seen a police foot patrol through downtown in as long as I can remember. Why not? The police could and should intervene and call whatever mental health/medical service is appropriate.

  • 2208 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    The post that blocks parking in the no parking zone in front of the Berkeley bike station is missing.
    Cars are parking there despite the red paint.
    Thanks for attending to this!
  • dead car, no plates Acknowledged
    1918 Woolsey St Berkeley, CA, 94703, USA - Berkeley
    This black Nissan had a red abandoned vehicle tag on it when a group of guys pushed it to its current location in a preferential parking zone around a week ago. Somebody later pulled the tag off. Either it has not gotten another ticket or somebody's coming by and collecting them.
  • 67th St And Mabel Oakland, California - Berkeley
    Dumped box spring and large bag of foam