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  • Street Sign Acknowledged
    Addison St & Oxford St Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA - Berkeley
    The AC Transit bus stop on Oxford Street below Addison was relocated onto the opposite side onto Addison Street but Public Works left the sign in the old location. The bus stop sign is in conflict with the 2-hour public parking signs installed on the same block.
  • Other Archived
    2134 Oxford St Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Code violation? Starbucks operating without any bathrooms. Is this allowed for a food establishment?
  • 2021 Hearst Ave Berkeley 94709, United States - Berkeley
    Chair dumped on public sidewalk outside 2020 Hearst.
  • 2431 Eighth St Berkeley 94710, United States - Berkeley
  • Other Acknowledged
    1806 Martin Luther King Jr Way Berkeley CA 94709, United States - Berkeley
    Illegal camping fir several days mow by the MLK/Hearst bus stop at Ohlone Park.
  • 1588 Henry St Berkeley, CA 94709, USA - Berkeley
  • Garbage Archived
    2940 Benvenue Ave Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    Overfull garbage can
  • Delaware St Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    Garbage dumped illegally on public sidewalk at Delaware and Sacramento.
  • 3054 Wheeler St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    box of misc....clothes? rained on. nw corner of wheeler and prince
  • 2221 Prince St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    chair on rollers dumped corner of Prince/ Fulton
  • Other Archived
    2009 Prince St St Berkeley 94705 United States - South Berkeley
    Sidewalk never swept of slippery debri . Logs and furniture on yard migrate to sidewalk regular- current dumping of items near curb
    Tents in back
    Health hazard???
  • Other Issues Archived
    2425 California St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - Berkeley
    I was inspired to bike on California Street north of Dwight, thinking it would be a better experience than before. What appeared to be fresh pavement turned out to be fresh paint and maybe a light resurfacing but just as bumpy and unpleasant as ever. Oh well. Was this the plan all along?