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  • Fulton At Carleton Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    NE corner Carleton at Fulton - corner is flooded due to backed up storm drain
  • Graffiti Archived
    Parker At Dana Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    Graffiti tag on red curb (Dana St side) - NE corner of Dana at Parker
  • 1807 Addison St Berkeley 94703 United States - Berkeley
    Boards and wood and masks
  • Street Light Archived
    2505 Dwight Way Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Across from 2505 Dwight Way (Bongo Burger) the street light is out. Pole #B7605. Previous case for same street light has been closed out but light is still not working.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1851–1883 Hearst Ave Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    Campers left garbage and clothing by the neighbor's fence near the east fence if tge Dig Park at Ohlone Park.
  • Graffiti Archived
    2119 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Graffiti tags and stickers on city street light pole in front of 2119 Shattuck (Arinell Pizza)
  • Pothole Archived
    Ellsworth St & Channing Way Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    There are various large potholes in both the left and right travel lanes of Ellsworth Street headed Northbound from Haste up to Durant Ave. 2-block stretch.
  • Street Sign Archived
    Channing Way & College Ave Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA - Berkeley
    The street signs at the intersection of Channing & College keep getting stolen. The only street sign left is for College on the SW corner. All the ones for Channing have been stolen. Google Maps shows there used to be street signs on the NE and SW corner of the intersection.
  • 2435 College Ave Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Mattress dumped on sidewalk in front of 2435 College Ave
  • 2519 College Ave Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA - Berkeley
    Wood pallet dumped on sidewalk in front of 2519 College - leaning against a utility pole.
  • Pothole Archived
    Shattuck Ave & Vine St Berkeley, CA, 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Various potholes located in middle of intersection in various travel lanes. Largest pothole is in middle of intersection.
  • 1750-1798 Sacramento St Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    More trash left my homeless persons. The recent increase in homeless persons staying in the park each day has cause a noticeable increase in the not to trash left on the ground. In this picture you can also see a bicycle left overnight underneath a tarp.