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  • 2201 Dwight Way Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - Berkeley
    On the sidewalk
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    1851–1883 Hearst Ave Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    Garbage can lifted out of its enclosure and garbage on the ground at the east entrance to the Dog Park at Ohlone Park.
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    Berkeley Ca 94710 United States - Berkeley
    Please remove the tent and other items from blocking the drinking fountain And before they hoard more stuff at the entrance to James Kenney at the corner of Delaware and 7th streets Thank you
  • Pothole Archived
    1136–1170 Ward St Berkeley 94702, United States - South Berkeley
  • 1701 Hearst Ave Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    Garbage cans removed from their enclosures at the Dog Park at Ohlone Park.
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    2000 Prince St Berkeley, CA 94703, USA - South Berkeley
    the Tremont side of this home gets no maintenance. plants on both sides of sidewalk need major cutback or removal as it is full of trash and covers walk. hedge needs cutback and REGULAR cut back for sidewalk access.
  • 1132 Francisco St Berkeley 94702, United States - Berkeley
  • Street Light Archived
    1101 University Ave Berkeley, CA, 94702, USA - Berkeley
    The pole for street light in front of the bus stop is tilted and has a scrape/collision mark on the street side which was prob. causally related to the tilt. But more interesting is that the light itself (the bowl) is about 1/3-1/2 filled with water, which can be sloshed around by shaking the pole a little. Entertainment while waiting for the 72R bus.
  • Street Sign Archived
    100 Berkeley Square Berkeley, California - Berkeley

    The yellow loading zone in front of 100 Berkeley Square (Pollo's Restaurant) needs signage installed.

    Non-commercial vehicles will park in the yellow zone and buy a pay and display ticket on the opposite side of the street thinking it's okay to park - only to return and get a $57.00 violation ticket.

    There is a 2-hour parking sign directly opposite the loading zone on this short block which may be causing the confusion. A sign by the yellow loading zone indicating commercial vehicles only should be installed or looked into.

  • 1986 Shattuck Ave Berkeley 94704 United States - Berkeley
  • Other Archived
    1701 Hearst Ave Berkeley CA 94703, United States - Berkeley
    This person or people have been camping by the Community Garden at Ohlone Park for about a week now.
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    2131 Sixth Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Danger – we almost got hit at the crosswalk between 10th St. and Allison again. The traffic circle is dangerously overgrown and cars cannot see people crossing on the other side. Very dangerous especially as crossers are young and attending Rosa Parks school.