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  • barking dog Archived
    2155 Warrick Ct Saint Paul, Minnesota - Eagan
    dog chained in front yard seems to bark non stop
  • Highway 55 & Lone Oak Rd Eagan, MN - Eagan
    5 seconds is extreme.
  • 1385 Deerwood Dr Eagan, MN - Eagan
    Would love a blinking yellow turn light at this intersection to turn west onto Deerwood from Diffley.
  • Vermilion Courth South - Eagan MN - Eagan
    shallow depression where blacktop section scraped off
  • Yankee Doodle Rd Eagan, MN - Eagan
    Would love a blinking yellow for a left turn onto Yankee Doodle from hwy 13 (heading toward river). I've sat at this intersection with no oncoming cars, for at least 4-5 minutes numerous times,
  • 4689 Kingsbury Dr Eagan, MN - Eagan
    tall grass and thick, tall dandelion cover
  • 4685 Ridgecliff Dr St Paul, MN - Eagan
    Constant dog barking, all hours of the day from 0530-0000. Many of us work nights.
  • Interstate 35e Mendota Heights, MN 55121, USA - Eagan
    Driving S on 35E Sunday evening at 9pm. There are several large potholes on the left side of the left lane. The one I hit (Doing the speed limit, 70mph) extends about a foot and a half into the traffic lane, and spans about 6 inches. It destroyed my tire, bent a forged wheel, and knocked my alignment off. total repairs around $400.
  • 788-798 County Road 26 Eagan, MN - Eagan

    The left turn signal on 55 South to Lone Oak East should be changed to a left turn yield on green instead of a red arrow.

    Right now, only 4-5 cars can get trough a green arrow, and it is turning yellow before the first car gets through.

    You are able to see oncoming traffic far enough out for this to be safe.

  • 4711 Penkwe Cir Eagan, MN - Eagan
    Several large evergreens totally block view of oncoming traffice approaching from the south at intersection- need to trim up 10 feet from ground to be able to see.
  • Ridge Cliff Dr Eagan, MN - Eagan
    brown volvo never moves.
  • 957 Maple Trail Court Eagan, Minnesota - Eagan
    Street light on property 953 Maple Trail Court Eagan,MN 55123 is out. Can you please replace bulb?