Chicago Ward 32

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  • 2255 W Roscoe St chicago, IL - North Center
  • 3432 North Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, USA - North Center
    Georgia plates, left on snow route (Damen) through past 2 storms prohibiting plowing. In front of 3428 N Damen.
  • 10x10 hole Acknowledged
    2281-2299 W Armitage Ave Chicago, Illinois - Logan Square
    Utility cut into traffic lane failed patch. Hole is collapsing
  • 3401-3415 North Bell Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, USA - North Center
    2225 w roscoe
  • 2300 West Armitage Avenue Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Logan Square
  • 2232 West Roscoe Street Chicago, IL 60618, USA - North Center
    Lush liquor store
  • 2012 W. Thomas St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 32
    The Dept of Water came and opened up the street. Took away a parking spot and have not been heard from since!!! Neighbors help and lets put pressure on them to fix this eyesore and safety hazard/nuisance.
  • Fullerton Avenue And Lakewood Avenue Chicago, IL - Lincoln Park
    Dear Alderman,
    The SEWER COVER ON THE CORNER IS BROKEN AND BANGING CONSTANTLY. Will someone fix this for the second time?
  • 2921 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Hamlin Park
    This pothole is so large that the city has placed a large metal plate over it. For the life of me I don't know why they haven't fixed it. What's worse is that a car or a truck can knock it the meta l plate off the pothole exposing it. It not only is very noisy with the metal plate constantly hitting the street causing more damage, but once it has moved it can damage your tire and rim of your car.
  • POTHOLE!! Archived
    1700 N Wood Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 32
    A very deep pothole is located halfway down the block going north on the east side of the street. This is on Wood Street between Wabansia and Bloomingdale.
  • 1906 West Belmont Avenue Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Hamlin Park
  • Other Archived
    3450-3452 North Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60618, USA - North Center
    Standing water from sewer clog is starting to smell