Golden Gate Park & Panhandle

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  • 1364 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94117 - Haight-Ashbury
    There is always a large puddle on the footpath that goes through the Pandhandle at Lyon Street. It's there even when it hasn't rained for a long time and sometimes covers the entire path. The exact spot is near the light that's just north of the southern path through the Panhandle.
  • 1739 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94122 - US Congressional District CA8
    Im not sure exactly what goes on around here, but it seems like a gay sex meeting place. Ive unintentionally interrupted a few couples during my bike rides.
  • 477 599 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - US Congressional District CA8

    There needs to be more enforcement of leash laws in Golden Gate Park on Sundays. It is great that the close the streets so that people can ride, skate, walk or whatever through that area, but there are too many off-leash dogs.

    Dogs are unpredictable, have little traffic sense and present a hazard to bikes. Plus many people (particularly children) are uncomfortable around dogs. Too many dog owners think there dog is just "friendly" but then when it knocks someone over or bites someone they say "oh, it has never done that before".

    Leash laws exist for a reason and it is very selfish for people with dogs to endanger others by not obeying them.

  • 1432-1498 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    Syringe in mud behind bench.
  • 857 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94122 - US Congressional District CA8

    JFK Dr. btwn Transverse and Chain of Lakes needs repaving. The section from Transverse to Panhandle has been completed. Now it's time for the other section of JFK to be completed.

    This is in Golden Gate Park.

  • Martin Luther King Jr Dr San Francisco, CA 00 - US Congressional District CA8
    beach goers and residents park their cars on MLK drive near lincoln way and not know parking id not allowed after 10:00 pm, there are no signs saying noparking after 10:00 pm and park rangers and police give parking tickets all the time, tickets are 76 dollars, please post signs.
  • Middle Dr W San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - US Congressional District CA8

    For no particularly good reason, GG Park is putting up street barriers on the weekend at this roadway. I'm handicapped, and now have to hobble on foot to the lake area. It's also random. Some weekends the barriers go up; some not. It's outside the area SF closes the park on weekends, so it's not even within park policy. And the lake it prohibits me from getting to is popular with elderly and handicapped to be driven to to sit by. There's no good reason for this area to be offlimits to cars on the weekends, since it's so rarely used, it's an off-leash dog area. It's anti-handicapped, and for no good reason. If it continues, and if SF City doesn't correct it soon, I'll be making an official complaint under the ADA act to federal authorities, which the ADA provides for, to force the City of San Francisco to allow weekend handicapped access to this area.

    GPS location of where metal barriers are placed on weekends:
    37 degrees, 45' 59" N
    122 degrees, 29' 33" W

  • Graffiti Archived
    800-1098 Park Presidio Bypass Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - US Congressional District CA8
    Both signs, JFK NB
  • 253 Baker Street San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    Litter thrown about outside DMV
  • 7333 Fulton St San Francisco, CA 94117 - US Congressional District CA8
    The last few blocks of fulton are the pits...
  • 1048 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94122 - US Congressional District CA8

    Golden Gate park is in need of some dedicated mountain biking trails. How about spending some of the $1,000,000 raised by the Outside-Lands concert to design and build some epic trails.

    Portions of the existing trail network could be utilized as well.

    Im sure not only the bikers, but also the dog walkers, joggers and hikers would appreciate this.

  • Park Issue Archived
    John F Kennedy Drive San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - US Congressional District CA8
    Very large homeless encampment in redwood grove, off trail that connects between de Young and Rose Garden entrance on Fulton. Bikes, trailers, tarps, ton of gear. Has been there at least two days. 10-15 individuals