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  • 11661 Davenport Street Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    School bus stop at Davenport & 117th Ave NE not cleared from Friday's snow. Kids are forced to walk & stand in the street. Please clear sidewalks in neighborhood to resolve this safety issue
  • 12066-12098 University Avenue Northwest Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    There is a bush growing from the base of the stoplight on the SW corner of this intersection.
  • 8593 Yalta St Ne Circle Pines, MN - Blaine
  • 325 Territorial Road Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The owner/tenant of this location has not yet mowed their lawn this year. The dandelions are now likely to invade the neighboring lawns.
  • Interstate 35w Blaine, MN 55449, USA - Blaine
    Major potholes all along the on-ramp to 35W.
  • Intersection Of Airport Road And Us 10 Blaine, MN - Blaine
    traffic control lights on bridge at intersection of Airport Road and US 10 change much to slowly in off peak traffic hours. At 9pm it takes a minute before lights change. a minute might be fine when Medtronic is leaving work but not during off-peak hours.
  • 105th And University Blaine, MN - Blaine
    In early am when waiting to turn on University from 105th. The Loop Detection must not be working. Does not sense cars waiting. sometimes there 6 to 8 cars waiting to turn with very little traffic on University. seems like sometimes it take 5 min. to change to green
  • President Dr Ne Blaine, MN - Blaine
    There are gang signs, toilet paper, and other inappropriate things.
  • Restwood Rd. (From Naples To Pascal) Blaine, MN - Blaine
  • 3986 Flowerfield Rd Circle Pines, MN - Blaine
    Need to change intersection from a 2-way to a 4-way stop due to high pedestrian traffic, no sidewalks and many mortorists driving over the speed limit
  • Large Pothole Archived
    4244-4268 Ball Road Northeast Circle Pines, MN - Blaine
    Deep enough to damage tires (caused a slow leak in mine). Located on the right side; Ball Rd Ne, close to the Lexington intersection heading west.
  • 95th And Radisson - Blaine
    The left turn signal from Radisson to 95th is out for green.