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  • Street Light Archived
    11822 Monroe Circle Northeast Blaine, MN 55434, USA - Blaine
    Branches hanging over power line to street light.
  • Hazard Archived
    11220 3rd St Ne Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Hoarding. Unsafe building code violations. Possible pet neglect.
  • Hastings St & 87th Ave Ne Blaine, MN - Blaine
    Blocked storm water drain. Significant pooling.
  • Street Light Archived
    200 93rd Ave. Ne Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    New LED street light is too bright a harsh blue white light and not pointing down more so at my house. Needs to be reaimed and shaded or replaced with a more appropriate colore range of LED light. As the vichales in my driveway are now clearly visiable from the road a sense of "security" seems lost and even with room darking shades it's still lighting up the inside of my home. I understand the benfits of LED lighting and it makes sense. It seems the city / utilty picked out a pore fixture for a residential aera.
  • Northdale Boulevard Northwest Coon Rapids, Minnesota - Blaine
    The street lights at this intersection will turn on for a couple of minutes until they're fully lit, and then will shut off and start the whole cycle again. Happens to multiple lights at the same time.
  • West 35w Service Drive Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Intersection of 85th Ave NE, and W 35W Service Drive NE. When traveling EAST on 85th, this left turn traffic signal often fails to trigger on traffic waiting to turn (Eastbound to North). It seems to be worse in the late afternoon, and will often require a cross traffic signal (Southbound from the Service road) to trigger the light, in order for the left turn signal to change.
  • Street Light Archived
    8752 Lincoln Street Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Laddie Lake Park. Northeast corner of lake and north of trail and gazebo. Street/Trail light is out
  • 1359-1383 125th Avenue Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    One of the left turn signal lights has been out for at least a month. Turning left when going east on Main to head north on 65
  • Main St And Highway 65 Blaine , Minnesota - Blaine
    One of the left turn signal lights is out. Heading east on Main, turning towards Cub
  • Street Light Archived
    125th Ln Ne Minneapolis, Minnesota - Blaine
  • Street Light Archived
    126th Avenue Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
  • Street Light Archived
    1426 131 Dr Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The street light at this address is always on
    1426 131 Drive
    Number on the pole is 48511
    Steve Anderson
    Cedar Management
    Property Name Wildwood Village
    We management the Property at this address we send are repair company we use for repairs like this and they told us this is a city Pole light is on all day long