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Notified About

  • 12012 Jenkins St Ne Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Tree fell during storm this sunday morning. blocking street at this location.
  • Graffiti Archived
    9891 Clover Leaf Parkway Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    back side of elec. box painted with racial/homophobic slurs
  • 12757 Johnson St Ne Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The street light at 127th ln and Johnson st near given address no longer turns on at night.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    1051 87th Ave Ne Blaine, MN 55434, USA - Blaine
    Pile of household trash dumped in parking lot of Laddie Lake Park. Includes couch, grill, TV, counter top and sink.
  • Happy Acres Park Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Someone cut the swings in half in the park
  • 4976 121st Ave Ne Minneapolis, Minnesota - Blaine
    The streetlight at the corner of 121st Ave NE and Sunset Ave fell into our yard
  • Street Light Archived
    1572-1598 129th Avenue Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Light out on south side of road just west of Isanti
  • Street Light Archived
    1800 129th Avenue Northeast Blaine Minnesota - Blaine
    Light out South side of 129th just west of Isanti in Oak Meadows
  • Street Light Archived
    12757 Johnson Street Ne Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The street light at the corner of 127th lane and Johnson Street NE in Blaine is not working.
  • Lexington And Pheasant Ridge Drive Blaine/Anoka, MN - Blaine
    If your at the cub foods and heading west to turn south on Lexington the left green arrow light is out which is causing backups due to the cars not knowing if they should go and if the other side is coming.
  • Street Light Archived
    3894 86th Avenue Northeast Circle Pines, Minnesota - Blaine
    Light is out, please repair.
  • 101st Between University & Foley Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    Sidewalks along 101st between University & Foley need to be plowed. Pediatrians are forced to walk on 101st because of snow coverage on sidewalk and the situation is extremely dangerous.