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Watching issues created after: 2011-05-05


  • 109th Avenue Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The lights that allow traffic to either turn onto or cross over Hwy 65 are ridiculously short. I sat in the left turn lane (turning S from 109th onto 65 S) through 3 cycles, and people are still running through them red. This happens on a daily basis during rush hour traffic. It would be very helpful if the time cycles on the lights could be reviewed and reassessed as traffic in the are picks up over time.
  • 97th Ave. Blaine anoka, MN - Blaine
    Street light out on the South west corner of 97th ave and Central ave service road. Accross form SA entrance, behind Blaine Quality atomotive, on easment of North view villa. This light has been out scents I move in the area 2006. Please get back to me about the progress of the time fram.Thanks Scott
  • Lexington Avenue Northeast & Interstate 35w Circle Pines, MN 55014, USA - Blaine
    There is very little light on the overpass over 35W and Lexington, going either north or south. Pedestrians are often put in danger here when crossing, and can possibly be hit and killed. It is only a matter of time until someone loses their life. Please put more lights here so drivers and pedestrians can safely travel to their destinations.
  • Graffiti Archived
    9891 Clover Leaf Parkway Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    Pleasure Creek entrance sign painted.
  • No Stop Signs Archived
    12595 Central Ave Ne Blaine, MN - Blaine
    When going into Blaine Town Center by Cub there are no Stop signs! Who has the right away?
  • Dead fish Archived
    11150 National Street Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    There are a ton of dead fish in this lake. They should be cleaned up at least.
  • 8527-8599 Lexington Avenue Northeast Circle Pines, Minnesota - Blaine
    Large pothole in middle of bike path, and general upkeep of bikepath makes for horrible ride on bike and tripping hazard. This path is used frequently by bikers, kids, strollers, and walkers. It needs a new surface.
  • 3301-3399 93rd Ave Ne Circle Pines, MN 55014, USA - Blaine
    The whole stretch of Naples St NE is riddled with nasty potholes between Lake Drive and 95th ave.
  • President Dr Ne Blaine, MN - Blaine
    There are gang signs, toilet paper, and other inappropriate things.
  • 3986 Flowerfield Rd Circle Pines, MN - Blaine
    Need to change intersection from a 2-way to a 4-way stop due to high pedestrian traffic, no sidewalks and many mortorists driving over the speed limit
  • Restwood Rd. (From Naples To Pascal) Blaine, MN - Blaine
  • 89th Ave Blaine, MN - Blaine
    Sidewalks have not been plowed.