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  • 317 Broadway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    There's a crossing button and crosswalk, but no pedestrian signal indicating when it is safe to cross Temple Eastbound. There is a signal present crossing the other direction.
  • 37 Sewall Street Somerville 02145, Somerville, MA - Somerville

    Hi there, I'm a single mom and HAVE to drive to work in Back Bay tomorrow morning (Wednesday 1/28) by 9am. If anyone is available to partially dig out in front of my red pick-up truck (parked sort of in front of 37 Sewall St. -- not my house) just enough so I can pull into the street, so that I don't have to leave my young child in the house alone while I do it, I will be very grateful. I promise to pay it forward!


  • 31 Grant Street Somerville, MA - Somerville
    The two adjacent panels are not on the same level and one of the panel is sagging and water is accumulating after each time it rains and it freezes due to the low temperature.
  • 350 Broadway Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    It's been some time since the roads on Broadway between McGrath and Main St were re-laid but aside some one left turn lane making added by temple st, I do not see any others. That road is a two lane road but lane markings are nowhere to be seen. People in mass are poor drivers to begin with but without lane markings, they are now driving in the middle of the road, causing unnecessary congestion at times. Could we get lane markings please, all the way to the powder house rotary?
  • 8 Henry St Medford, MA 02155, USA - Medford
    There is a man who constantly goes on private property on Henry St to go through the trash to collect things, moving it around from house to house throughout the neighborhood. Often times he leaves it on the sidewalk on Henry or Mecham St. The Waste Management driver was nice enough to fill our barrel once he emptied it to take the junk that was on the sidewalk this morning, but it's an almost daily occurrence. It could be a public health concern because he's leaving open bags of garbage in the middle of a sidewalk.
  • (pothole) Archived
    32 Temple St Somerville, MA 02145 - Somerville
    This street from Jaques St. up to Broadway is littered with potholes. It's like driving in a war zone.
  • 2 Henry Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    The sidewalk is completely crumbled around 2 Henry Street and the rest has has gaping holes all the way down on that side of the street to Edward Street.
  • Douglas Ave Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    we could really use some removal before all of this freezes tonight, or at the very least a bunch of rock salt again. we've had several inches of snow and slush for weeks now.
  • 22 Stickney Avenue Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
  • 2-4 Main Street Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
    Traffic light remains red for unreasonable amount of time for northbound traffic on Broadway. Pedestrian phases should be actuated only. Advanced green left turn arrow southbound not necessary during evening hours. Consider removing or reducing time during off-peak.
  • 223 School St Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
  • 3-5 Walter Terrace Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Trash violations constantly. 2nd floor porch completely covered with junk for months/fire hazard. Frequent police calls from the house and stemming from inhabitants behaviors. 150 people at a rave here. Drug activity in plain view/no arrests by police/no monitoring by police. Threats of violence twice against the poor delivery man. A blight over years, absentee landlord exerts no control. Has been a nuisance for years; gone from bad to worse. Intimidates others into doing nothing despite the negative impacts on others surrounding property.