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  • 7 Jasper St Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    I just encountered an enormous rat (the size of a small dog) scurrying down the street. A bit of an unnerving sight on a sunny summer's day.
  • 7 Jasper St. Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    More rats in our neighborhood this evening. One on Jasper St., three more in the adjacent backyard (109 Walnut St.). The sewers in this neighborhood have been baited numerous times, so I don't think that is fixing the issue. There is excess trash in the neighborhood and the rats were running in and out of the trash barrels on the property.
  • There's a series of large potholes right past the intersection of Heath St. and Temple St., heading toward Broadway in Winter Hill. The city has put up a series of cones to block off the worst of them and you have to head into oncoming traffic to get past them.
  • 480 Medford St Somerville, Ma - Somerville
    The mailbox outside of 480 Medford st has been painted with graffiti in multiple places. It keeps getting painted over, but then gets graffiti on it again. It was recently painted over, but now there are multiple graffiti markings again.
  • wires down Archived
    15 Marshall Street Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
    Is this necessary?
  • 85 Heath Street Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
  • Tree Issues Archived
    Joseph St & Leyden St Medford, MA, 02155, USA - Medford
    the tree in front of 29 and 31 leyden st medford is ripping up sidewalk and damaging foundations
    please address 3 rd time
  • 50-52 Jaques Street Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
    yellow light out at intersection of temple and Jaques sts. left side facing Broadway
  • 34 Joseph St Medford MA 02155, United States - Medford
    Yard waste did not get picked up
  • 186 School Street Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    The corner house is under renovation and presumably unoccupied. *Still* not shoveled from last significant snow.
  • 3-5 Walter Terrace Somerville, MA - Somerville
    Photos taken 9/15 11 AM - Bag of rubbish on rear outside landing; 3 bags lying in the corner of the back yard; at least one bag of rubbish on top of the trash cans. Four days prior to trash pickup, trash is all over the place; may not have been take out last week. There have been rats reported in the neighborhood confirmed by conversations on Sunday. This house is a continual source of offensive behavior and needs to be put on a check list each and very year and given citations to curb the pattern of behavior.
  • Pothole Archived
    139 Jaques Street Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
    multiple small potholes