Oak Lane Civic Action Association

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East Oak Lane

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  • 914 66th Ave Philadelphia, PA 19126 - Oak Lane
    this whole stretch of 66th Ave is full of potholes and badlt rutted raod surface.
  • 804 Oak Lane Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    No one can park in our small business village in Oak Lane- can you plow the snow from the SEPTA bridge and curblines?
  • 7th And Oak Ln Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    the Collapsed Storm Drain at 7th and Oak ln is full of mud and trash Causing rain water to over flow and erode the landscaping and make the corner unsafe. With the deep hole, cars slide into and the rain waters at 3 to 4 feet because of the blockage. The Cheltenham Senior center has spend a lot of money on new sidewalks as well as the neighbors to make the area safe and clean.
  • 1303 W. Godfrey Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    large yellow moving van type truck parked on a residential street posted with no truck parking signs. owner parkes his car uses the truck for whatever, brings it back to godfrey and parks the truck again. problem has existed on this block since march. repeated calls have been made to 311,911 and councilwoman's office. this truck owner is a 'serial offender. HELP!
  • 703 Oak Ln Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    This "yard" is a jungle, Over grown and unkempt, trees over hanging our house and touching our garage, racoons and Rat live there and come out out night and raid our trash cans
  • 7th And Oak Ln Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    There are badly places cross walks and stop signs at this location, people either don't see the stop signs are chose to run them. We would like to see some enforcement of speed limits and new cross walks as well as maybe 2 speed bumps placed on the East Oak Ln side of the street.
    cars coming from west Oak area use this street as a side road to cheltenham Ave. and someone is going to run over a child here.
  • Many Potholes Archived
    66th Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19126, USA - Oak Lane
    Fill in these potholes! Anyone who has ever driven on 66th Avenue in the last 10 years KNOWS what I'm speaking of!!!!!!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    6500 N 8th Street Philadelphia, pa 19126 - Oak Lane
    there are two potholes in the street.
  • 1250 Cheltenham Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    Upended tree is down, know over fence barrier and blocking cheltenham ave. traveling east
  • Not Plowed Archived
    6604 N 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19126, USA - Oak Lane
    Snow has been compacted by cars, please plow before it turns to solid ice.
  • pot holes Archived
    800-816 66th Ave Philadelphia, PA 19126, USA - Oak Lane
  • Pothole Archived
    700-798 66th Ave Philadelphia, PA 19126, USA - Oak Lane
    Fill this pothole! 66th Avenue from 5th to Broad looks like target practice for a mortar brigade