Old City Philadelphia

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  • 296 N Lawrence St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Old City
    4 nights a week between 3am and 6 am, tractor trailers are idling near the William Macmillan Chicken Company
  • S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill

    This is a major noise issue for the entire half block of 300 S. 3rd St. which is coming from a broken PECO man hole. The whole manhole is loose and in the video you can see it moving up and down after the bus goes over it.

    I have attached a video showing the problem. The noise is so loud and constant that our 2 year old son keeps getting woken up throughout the night. A few of us have called PECO to report this issue (multiple times) with no results.
    Please help!

  • 126 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    Kink, a fetish boutique, plans to open in a mainly residential building. Per the L&I website, no more than 20% of their space may be used for adult-oriented material. 100% of their material is adult-oriented, as is their advertising and stated business purpose. Homeowners in this building have small children and this business used misleading information to obtain their use permits. www.kinkshoppe.com
  • 200 Market St Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    The National Park Service has failed to clear the sidewalks yet again. There are inches of snow that has been compacted into solid ice spanning both sides of the corner.
  • 100 Bread Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    There is a dumpster on
    Bread Street in Old City. It is literally half in Bread Street. Bread
    Street between 2nd and 3rd closest intersection of the dumpster. The dumpster is constantly overflowing with trash. It attracts homeless who come by and unpack the dumpster. I'm also concerned it might be attracting
    rats, etc. due to household food waste. What can I do have the
    moved out of the street? The building has a gated parking area it could be located to. This is a historic area next to the Betsy Ross house I cannot imagine what tourists must think of the mess and homeless people by the dumpster on Bread Street. Thanks!
  • Barbed wire fencing Acknowledged
    163 Kings Oak Ln Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City

    This dangerous and unnecessary fencing remains despite promises to remove and restore to a more historically relevant barrier around the Mint employee parking lot.

    This is historic old city not a prison yard. This is dangerous to the community.

  • 4th And Wood Streets Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    There is a dangerous intersection where cross traffic (on 4th) does not stop. Those on Wood Street traveling East have the stop sign. Many people coming off the BFB are already lost or confused and this intersection either needs a "WARNING: CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP". I've seen these yellow signs in N.E. Philly.
  • 4th & Walnut Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    I frequently get cut off coming south on 4th at Walnut St. Before Walnut, there is parking on the right and after it, parking is on the left. Cars will pass me in the left lane and then slide right without checking their blind spot. I have nowhere to go. Dotted lane markings through the intersection or revised parking would be helpful.
  • 8th And Spruce Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill

    I witnessed the vehicle in the attached photos almost run a cyclist off the road at approximately 5pm on 10/15/12

    The driver had been honking aggressively the previous block, and as he crossed over spruce st. coming down 8th, he merged toward the cyclist, who was in front of him at the time (in the driver's field of vision). The cyclist had to brake in order to avoid being run into the curb.

  • Abandoned Lot Archived
    100 Quarry Street Philadelphia, 19106 - Old City
    This lot is needs some code enforcement attention. The owner has abondoned the development project . The lot lays overgrown, filled with construction debris and has become a magnet for dog waste, rodents & illegal dumping. Please fix!!
  • 5th And Vine Streets Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    for 2 weeks, the stop sign has been missing at the intersection of 5th and Vine Streets.
    5th street coming off the BF bridge has now become a speedway.
  • 1001 Race Street Philadelphia, PA - Old City
    Solar Compactor used as dumpster for household trash by apartment dwellers in Chinatown.