Jackson Ward

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  • 300 W. Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Abner Clay Park, a city park with a playground, is located at Clay and Brook Rd, a complex interaction with a Four-Way stop sign. Blooming Child Petite Academy, a daycare facility, is located at 300 W. Clay St. Because of these two facilities, there are often small children near the street, crossing Brook Rd., and playing in the park. Twice last week, I was almost hit with my 20 month old son crossing Clay or Brook by cars driving above the speed limit or driving through one of the stop signs without coming to a complete stop. Please consider adding a "Children Playing" sign to alert drivers to the presence of the city park and daycare center.
  • 308 North Adams Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Sidewalk repair Acknowledged
    420 Brook Rd Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    See pictures. Sidewalks on this block in need of serious maintenance.
  • Other Acknowledged
    501-535 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Broken swing at Abner Clay Park playground.
  • 308 North Adams Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    The intersection of N Adams at Brook, just off of Broad St is in dire need of a pedestrian crossing area. As new businesses in the area flourish, attracting more and more walking shoppers, this intersection will either be a dangerous reminder of our past or a emblem of new growth in Jackson Ward.
  • 102 East Leigh Street Richmond, Va - Jackson Ward
    The treee roots in front of the house are destroying the sidewalk; it is causing standing water and is a hazard for walkers
  • 606 Chamberlayne Parkway Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Clothes, wooden desk and more
  • 111 West Marshall Street Richmond, VA 23220 - Jackson Ward
    Oversized trash items left alley. Plus existing cans are not adequate.
  • Other Archived
    501-535 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    No crosswalks - this is a busy intersection that already has traffic problems (people running stop signs). We have a daycare, playground, restaurant, and multiple families with small children. Please address.
  • Other Archived
    329-399 Brook Road Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Jackson Ward
    Gravel and debris covering the sidewalk from road paving. City did not clean up.
  • 400 W. Clay Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    Furniture & debris left on the side & rear left by students moving out of the area from other addresses.
  • Other Archived
    Leigh And Adams Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
    There is an elderly homeless living at Corner at Bus Stop w/ all her possessions. Where is Social Services?? 7/24/16AD