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Helen Donovan

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  • Highland Ave Brook St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    This has become a very dangerous intersection during Wollaston school morning drop off. 211 bus not helping as cars cut bus off..... no crosswalk, corner pavements are all unsafe
  • DRUGS Acknowledged
    18 Putnam Street - Quincy
  • 177-263 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Light is not timed properly to allow smooth flow of traffic. Cars backed up on Burgin Parkway while light is excessively green for light traffic exiting Lowes and T station n
  • Washington St And Mcgrath Hwy Quincy, MA - Quincy

    There is a 4-way intersection, and all four ways have "No Turn on Red" signs. This leads to a lot of unnecessary waiting and people behind in the rightmost lanes getting angry. Many times, people take the right on red anyway, since the lights are taking far too long, and no traffic is coming. Solution?

    At the same intersection, going westbound on Washington (toward Quincy Center), it almost looks like there is a third lane to turn right (in front of Bagnelli Auto Parts) when it's actually a break-down lane. Drivers do not understand this and use this lane as a right turn lane. This causes near-accidents all the time! Drivers in the ACTUAL right lane go to turn right, and someone is there, to their right, that should not be.
    Solution? How about painting it more clearly marked, with diagonal stripes? That would make it clearer to drivers that there is no lane there.

  • 330 W Squantum St Quincy, MA 02171, USA - Quincy
    Not shoveled
  • 288 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    For the last few weeks the timing on the lights at the Mcgrath Hwy/Center St intersection seems to have changed. The green left arrow for cars coming off 93 onto Center now lasts about 15 seconds, followed by a three-minute red arrow, and traffic is now backed up to the highway every day, whereas this has normally been a 2-3 minute wait. Today I sat there for 20 minutes; yesterday it was 15.
  • Rooming house Acknowledged
    309 Elmwood Ave Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Possible neighbor is renting out individual rooms.
    The property is listed as a 2 bedroom 1 bath kitchen livingroom and dinning room and 1 car garage. Neighbors witnessed one person move out and couple hours later a new person moved in. Carryin in a turquoise suitcase, storage bins, large white board and a white storage bin with drawers. Also there are 4 cars parked out back and a large passenger van parked out front. The van comes and goes...
  • Washington St./Walter Hannon Parkway Quincy, MA - Quincy

    Okay....I'll try again. First I would like to say that the new Walter Hannon Parkway is great for circumventing quincy center. It looks great as you continue to landscape the area. Thank you for a job well done.
    So, heading north on washington street and trying to take the left onto hannon parkway where there are no green arrows to allow traffic to take that left onto hannon parkway. When the light does turn green everyone tries to go at once and there is a bulge of traffic which very often comes to a standstill with cars stuck in the intersection after the light has turned red....very frustrating. If the northbound traffic was allowed to go left on a green arrow before the southside of washington street is allowed to advance, I think traffic would flow a little easier. (It is easier to go straight right INTO quincy center than take the left onto hannon parkway which is not what you want to happen) I thought one major reason for this parkway is to keep traffic out of quincy center?
    Also, the area in front of the quincy rehab./nursing home, even though there are two signes on the two telephone poles out in front "no parking anytime" there are ALWAYS cars parked there in front which causes the east flow of traffic on hannon parkway to "squeeze" left before the light on washington st.. This causes many near misses in traffic accidents. Anyway, I sent an email previously about this issue and do not think that it went through. Thank you for looking into these two problems.

    Barbara Berlucchi

    Also, it is not quite explained what "summary" means above - confusing

  • 159 Monroe Road Quincy, MA - Quincy
    Same cars and commercial vehicles parked all day /overnight/several days in 2 hour parking on our street. Obviously there is no parking downtown? so people are driving into our neighborhood, parking here and walking....I watch them every morning
  • 1305 Hancock Street Quincy, MA - Quincy

    I think SeeClickFix deserves a tab next to "Visitors", "Government" and "Online Services". It should also be mentioned on this page (http://www.quincyma.gov/OnlineServices/) and this page (http://www.quincyma.gov/ConstituentServices/).

    Right now, there's no easy way to get to Quincy's SeeClickFix page unless you accidentally found it on Google or somehow stumbled upon Kristen Powers' Constituent Services page which is itself not easy to get to.

  • 581-583 Adams Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Why is the Adams Street stretch from the intersection with Beale all the way down to the intersection with Furnace Brook Parkway so awful and poorly paved? Shouldn't it be completely repaved? I feel like my new car will bend its rim or lose a muffler every time I drive down that street, which is EVERYDAY. Should I hold the city responsible when my car is damaged by this street? Please advise!
  • 435-447 Hancock Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    Note: video and additional photos will be added in the comment section.

    I was cycling on Hancock Street and was almost hit by a car. The driver (license plate: Massachusetts 7FC720) decided to squeeze between me and an oncoming vehicle, passing me within inches.

    Aggressive drivers make Quincy an unpleasant place to live and work in. I have seen Cambridge Police and Boston Police pulling over numerous drivers for aggressive overtaking. We need more traffic enforcement in Quincy, especially on Hancock Street. Signs (R4-11) to remind drivers that "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" anywhere can help alleviate the problem.