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Helen Donovan

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  • 3 School St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy

    The owners and delivery guy for School house pizza park illegally in front of their store. It makes it very hard for trucks and buses to turn right onto School St... And if you are a cyclist like I am it is very dangerous when you come around the corner with a car/truck or bus next to you.

    This clown has now started parking in the handicaped space. Must have a cop in their pocket

  • 299 Newport Ave Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    This phony massage parlour has been directly reported to police at least 4 times in 5+ years.
  • Speeding Archived
    12 Reardon St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Cars are still speeding up and down Harris st. I guess it's to be expected nowadays
  • 49 Highfield Road Quincy?Norfolk, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Is it legal or not legal to take a left tun onto Quincy Shore Drive from the middle lane on Sea Street just past the Fox & Hounds? Hundreds of cars do it every morning. Sea Street at that point has a solid painted straight line which means no crossing over
    Whats the scoop????
  • Sea Street Quincy, MA - Quincy
    How much longer must we endure this horrible paving patch job? The street was torn up before Thanksgiving and has yet to be repaved. Every heavy rain storm loosens up the pavement. Just imagine what the snow and plows will bring? It's illogical to wait until spring. I expect we'll be re-routed again, as we were during the long weeks of construction before? This has been a nightmare for all of Hough's Neck!
  • 394-408 Centre Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Timing of traffic lights at the end of the exit ramp for exit 19 turning left onto Centre Street and the lights at Centre Street and Crown Colony drive are mis-timed and causing significant back ups and delays exiting 93. This has been a problem for 2 WEEKS and has been previously reported several times. WHAT IS THE DELAY IN FIXING IT??
  • 156-164 Independence Ave Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy

    When the Quincy Adams station was built, there was an entrance on Independence Avenue.

    That entrance is now closed, so people who need to go to the area east of the station have an unnecessary 25-minute walk, or an equally long bus trip, to get to the station a few feet from where they started.

    Most neighborhoods, even in Boston, aren't lucky enough to be next to a T station. It's a big waste to provide T service to this area and then prevent people from using it because of a single locked gate.

  • 105 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    MBTA buses always stopping on Burgin Pky to drop passengers at Q Center train station. Busses block the road / cars in technically a no standing roadway. busses should be required to pull into the 'Bus Area Only" ~ 30' further down, perhaps the redesign of the station/parking garage could incorporate buses to stop in bus area, rather than in the road just because its close to the stairs to the trains? thanks.
  • 52-58 Prospect Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    Is it normal in Quincy for hilly residential streets to be plowed with several inches of snow left on the ground?

    The attached photo looks downhill on a two-way street. The tread mark on the left side shows a rear-wheel-drive taxi failed to go uphill after moving aside to let an oncoming car pass. The taxi had to roll back downhill at the end.

    I called DPW but the man who answered the phone wasn't convinced that there was any problem with the plowing. He insisted that someone must have shoveled snow into the road. To me, it looked like the plow wasn't lowered enough when the plow truck came.

    Is this level of "plowedness" normal?

  • Penn Street Quincy, MA - Quincy
    There is a Traffic Signal for pedestrians, however it is only on one side of the dangerous HIGHWAY SPEED intersection (the side opposite Lowe's), and it is shrouded in leaves due to a huge tree enveloping it. We saw a lady just throw herself onto the parkway to cross the street, and she ran as fast as her work pumps allowed. We waited forever, never saw a "walk" signal, and also just said a few Hail Mary's and ran across the street. Obviously this is a problem. We just moved down the street and don't want to be roadkill. I'm sure drivers don't want to have to avoid our carcasses on the road for the following weeks as well. Traffic jam. PLEASE have the city make the walk sign more visible to us lowly pedestrians! Paying to park for a literally 2 minute drive to arrive safely would be absurd.
  • 581-583 Adams Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Why is the Adams Street stretch from the intersection with Beale all the way down to the intersection with Furnace Brook Parkway so awful and poorly paved? Shouldn't it be completely repaved? I feel like my new car will bend its rim or lose a muffler every time I drive down that street, which is EVERYDAY. Should I hold the city responsible when my car is damaged by this street? Please advise!
  • Washington St./Walter Hannon Parkway Quincy, MA - Quincy

    Okay....I'll try again. First I would like to say that the new Walter Hannon Parkway is great for circumventing quincy center. It looks great as you continue to landscape the area. Thank you for a job well done.
    So, heading north on washington street and trying to take the left onto hannon parkway where there are no green arrows to allow traffic to take that left onto hannon parkway. When the light does turn green everyone tries to go at once and there is a bulge of traffic which very often comes to a standstill with cars stuck in the intersection after the light has turned red....very frustrating. If the northbound traffic was allowed to go left on a green arrow before the southside of washington street is allowed to advance, I think traffic would flow a little easier. (It is easier to go straight right INTO quincy center than take the left onto hannon parkway which is not what you want to happen) I thought one major reason for this parkway is to keep traffic out of quincy center?
    Also, the area in front of the quincy rehab./nursing home, even though there are two signes on the two telephone poles out in front "no parking anytime" there are ALWAYS cars parked there in front which causes the east flow of traffic on hannon parkway to "squeeze" left before the light on washington st.. This causes many near misses in traffic accidents. Anyway, I sent an email previously about this issue and do not think that it went through. Thank you for looking into these two problems.

    Barbara Berlucchi

    Also, it is not quite explained what "summary" means above - confusing