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  • 1435 N St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle

    The drug activity being sold out of 1425 N St NW "James Apartments" has now spilled out onto the 1400 Block of N St. NW.
    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" are now selling their drugs out of the hallway of the apartment building next door (1435 N St NW- "Truman House").

    Potential drug customers are loitering in front of "Truman House" day and night waiting for the dealer to come out of "James Apartments" and they are entering threw the always open 2 front doors of "Truman House" and transacting drug sales in the hallway. The dealer then goes back inside "James Apartments" and the buyer often lingers on the steps of "Truman House" smoking their purchased drugs.

    This is happening daily now, both day and night. They have found an "off the street" location to sell drugs and it has now reached a serious level.

    The drug dealers out of "James Apartments" aren't going anywhere as they have been there for years but if "Truman House" would lock their front entrance doors the activity would stop on the sidewalk.

    PLEASE, if you see this activity call the police. If we ignore this activity it will grow into more severe activity such as theft, robbery and violence.

    "Truman House" is managed by: Urbane Results and their office is inside "Truman House"- PLEASE ask them to lock their front doors.

  • Tree Inspection Acknowledged
    1531 Kingman Place Northwest Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    Important - time sensitive. Sidewalk, curb, and apron repair all beginning today, Tuesday, December 18th.
  • 15th St. Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Cars seem to think 15th St. NW is a superhighway. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians as vehciles are always speeding up to catch the next green light. Please put in speed cameras or huge speed bumps to slow the hazardous speeders down. Please enforse the speed laws and pedestrian rights.
  • 3 Logan Cir Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    13-second crosswalk lights are too short for pedestrians to cross into and out of Logan Circle Park. This is a residential neighborhood circle and should be more walkable.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1617 1355 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle
    8 cars parked in bike lane at Wesley AME Zion. 14th&Corcoran NW. This is the third Sunday I have reported similar violations.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1617-1625 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle
    8 cars parked in bike lane @ Wesley AME Zion. This happens every Sunday. Who is enforcing the law?
  • 1600 Vermont Avenue Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Logan Circle
    I'm worried that a local is going to run this red light and hit a pedestrian. A flashing yellow addresses this intersection more appropriately.
  • 26-76 Logan Circle Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Logan Circle

    People are constantly honking around the entirety of this circle, and 9 times out of 10 it's out of anger, not because of an emergency or out of necessity. As someone who lives in this neighborhood it's very nerve-wracking, particularly in the morning when many of the out-of-state drivers are speeding around the circle, honking at any car that is not driving fast enough for them.

    Any way to get bigger "Quiet - Residential Zone" signs, or have some traffic cops around to dissuade people from driving and honking recklessly?

  • 1425 N St Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    After an eviction on 8/31/10, debris litters the north side of N St., NW. Blocking access to the fire hydrant and spilling into the street, blocking two parking spaces. People scavenge through the piles of a deceased person's unclaimed belongings at all hours of the day and night.
  • 15th & N St. Nw Washington D.C., DC - Logan Circle
    I have noticed on multiple occassions that cars either ignore or do not notice that there is a separate left-turn light for northbound cars on 15th St. This is a serious danger for pedestrians, as well as cyclists using the two-way bike lane. I was nearly hit by a car on more than one occassion because it did not observe the red light. I recommend that a sign reading "Left turn on [green arrow ] Only" be installed at this light and other lights on 15th st where northbound cars have a separate left-turn signal. The situation on 15th and N requires the most immediate attention due to the frequency of cars making illegal turns.
  • 1400-1406 P St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    REGARDING the east-bound lane of P St NW at intersection with 14th Street -- Due to high pedestrian traffic crossing P St. NW at this location -- SIGNS should be changed to NO RIGHT ON RED. Drivers (cabs especially) frequently roll through this intersection without stopping (making a right on red from the bus lane). Pedestrians & Bikes are at high risk at this location. Multiple close calls have been witnessed in recent years.
  • 16th & Q Nw Washington, DC - Dupont Circle
    North on 16th St. NW at the corner of Q. The Q St. sign is blocked from view by the trees and the stop light. If it could be moved down a bit it would be readable.