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  • 1230-1298 15th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
  • 15thh St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    First there was a sign saying that it was OK to park...yet I got a ticket as a result of a sign at the other end of the block. (Still, the sign where I parked said it was fine.) Then they added the no parking sign to the one near where I parked. Now, there is no sign at all! Yet I am out $60 and, and, the process for diputing tickets says you get a hearing but the motorist is not invited to the hearing. What gives?
  • 1313 Vermont Ave Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    DANGEROUS pothole from sinkhole in the sole alleyway that leads to our building garage. Has already caused property damage to tires and car frames. Trash pickup has been affected as the alley is in such bad condition. This problem has been raised to 311 MULTIPLE times MONTHS AGO with no resolution.
  • 1500 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20005, USA - Dupont Circle
    This is a complaint of aggressive diving by a DC licensed cab driver. Unfortunately, the 311 hows my driving complaint form was not working properly. The incident happened tonight, Saturday Feb 23 at approximately 835pm. The driver was tailing my vehicle from 14th street NW turning onto Rhode Island Avenue and then on Rhode Island Avenue until 16th Street NW. He honked repeatedly while I was driving the speed limit and then at the red light tried to pull up next to me in my lane. When I looked over to see what the issue was and make eye contact with the taxi driver he raised his eye brows as if to challenge me. I request this cab be reviewed by the taxi cab commission for any history of aggressive driving or complaints.
  • 1336 Riggs St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle
    This is the second scooter to be left locked up and abandoned on this block in recent years.
  • Street Repair Archived
    Vermont Ave & R St Nw washington, dc - Logan Circle
    There are deep scores all along Vermont Ave NW between P and S Streets. These have been here since the winter and are getting worse.
  • 1207 Q Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle
    Mattress dumped on NW corner of Q and Vermont. Has been there for 3 weeks and previous service requests have been ignored.
  • 1300-1398 11th St Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    On side of building in driveway
  • 1440 Rhode Island Ave Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    Parked in private property.
  • 1600-1672 12th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Logan Circle
  • 1431 P St Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
  • 1319 R Street NW , Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Rats are eating trash left in black bags at apt complex at 1318, causing alley trash and increase rat activities. Trash is left out night before trash day (Tuesday and Friday), but usually chewed open and spread on ground by morning.