South Shore

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Watching issues created after: 2011-05-28

This is the Chicago, South Shore Neighborhood watch area. Please subscribe!

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  • 7300-7358 U.S. 41 Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore

    Several patched areas in the street directly in front of 7334 S. South Shore Drive. I am experiencing street vibrations and my home is shaking due to these vibrations when buses or cars pass my home. We need help to ensure that all of US 41 is repaired and our homes, families and neighbors are safe traveling this route. This is an emergency situation. Repairs performed in June 2010 are caving in.

    There is a sewer cover in front of 7340 S. South Shore Drive which is in need of a restriction device to manage storm water. All other recently repaired drains have restriction devices allowing water to pool at the curbs and gradually enter sewer system.

    We need help.

    Thanks for your Attention

  • 7849-7899 S South Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Chicago
    Street caved in yesterday. Looks like the rest of the street is ready to go
  • 3147 E 79th St Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
    Broken bottles and trash on top of construction debris
  • 7918 S South Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois - South Chicago
    The building at 7918 S South Shore Drive is abandoned with no security to prevent children and others from entering and hanging out. We have had issues with drug users in the house.
  • 7311 South South Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore
  • 7321 S South Shore Dr Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The sewer on south shore dr is backed up and floods the street for at least 50 feet. When the bus drives down the street it splashes water on the sidewalk. This has to be fixed. It's been going on for way to long.
  • 6915 South Crandon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    There are two abandon buildings located on South Oglesby (6915-14 S.) These buildings are located right next to each other. There are individuals removing the contents, i.e., windows, doors, and so on. They have placed several mattresses in the alley, and all sorts of rubbish (starting at the gate next to the two abandon garages in the 6915 Oglesby/Crandon Alley. This is starting to become an eyesore and a problem. I would like to know if they have building permits to remove the contents. If they have a permit from the City of Chicago why don't they have a dumpster to discard the trash in.???
  • 8139 South Yates - South Chicago
    Lane heading north full of multiple deep potholes
  • 8553 S Burley Ave Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
  • 8527 S Buffalo Ave Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
    I called 311 twice already with no luck. Light been out 5 weeks now.
  • 7931 S South Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
  • 2860 E 76th St Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore
    This is a known location for drug sales