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Resident, collecting Frankford data for submission to Frankford CDC.

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  • 1520 Arrott St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Former nuisance bar closed by DA (after a murder and a shoot out and numerous other problems) building has been cosed for years recent activity in building. Broken glass from door, bills, mail and trash from building thrown all over sidewalk and street. Inlet at corner filled with trash causing slow drainage, broken sidwalk and weeds. Vehicle parking on/blocking sidewalk.
  • Oxford Avenue & Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    The block of Oxford Avenue between Griscom and Frankford is always filthy. The street is never cleaned, still has trash from last year's snows. Septa takes no responsibility.
  • Abandoned Car Archived
    4600 Large St philadelphia, pa - Frankford, Philadelphia
    A car with no wheels, broken lights, broken windows and smashed up interior is sitting on the 4600 block of Large St.
  • 1525 Overington St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Very high weeds, trash, debris, broken fence lying in yard, weeds and trash on sidewalks, odors and what looks like a long mound where something was buried next to garage.
  • 5333 Hedge Street Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
  • 1619 Church St Philadelphia, PA 19124 - Frankford, Philadelphia
    sinkhole on Church St approaching the intersection with Frankford
  • 5258 Akron St Philadelphia, PA 19124 - Frankford, Philadelphia
    pothole turned into cave well as calvert advised last summer w/pics, all that was done is a little cement slap work on calvert..."pothole" is very much turning into sinkhole
  • 4628 Melrose St Philadelphia, PA 19137, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    The entire back of the house has fallen in there are trees growing through the roof it is a hazzard the city has not done anything about i filed 2 complaints myself and nothing has been done about it looks like we need the local news station to do a report bad publicity seems to be the only way we get things done
  • 1605 Church St Philadelphia, PA 19124 - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Tires and iother trash under train overpass on Church St.
  • 1303 Arrott Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Hello I have a problem me and a few of my neighbors notice that the key pad lock was broken off and the lock to the gate of the house next to me. 1303 arrott st is a foreclosure home for few years now actually being action at the moment. My neighbor saw them sneaking into the home late Tuesday night with few trash bags and a guy that drop them off warn my neighbor they just got evicted looking to squat somewhere. There is about ten people in that house. They are hiding out only see them at night going thru my alley way. The house is a really beautiful house inside brand new I would hate to see someone ruin it.0.
  • 1500 orthodox st Acknowledged
    1500 Orthodox St Philadelphia, PA 19124, USA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    1500 all the way to castor ave need repaving. several large holes and generally bumpy everwhere else! dangerous to cars and bycycles.
  • large hole Archived
    1614 Vandike St Philadelphia, PA 19124 - Frankford, Philadelphia
    hole in the middle of frankford and torresdale aves.Cars veering side to side all day.