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  • Fair Haven New Haven, CT, USA - Mill River

    Along the East bank of the Mill River between State Street and Humphrey Street along the Western property line of the old CT Transit site lies a great trail opportunity with little upfront cost to tax-payers.

    Readying this connection for a trail will pave the way for recreational access between East Rock Park and Grand Avenue.

    We have spoken with City Plan and City Engineering and it appears that this is a reasonable request and use for the river shores.

    We have also spoken to State Representative Roland Lemar who supports the project and believes that with interest from resident's demonstrated we can get a trail funded here.

    If you would use this area recreationally or would like to see this trail created please vote up this issue and share it with neighbors. As organizers we would like to see that there is real interest(50 or more votes might convince us :) from the community before we organize to push the issue to the State.

    If you have thoughts in support or opposition please add them in the comments!

    Let's make the Mill River something New Haven can be proud of again.

  • Entrance To Front St Off Middletown Ave - Chatham Square
    The entrance to Front Street from Middletown Ave/Rt 80 is a dump. It is an underpass filled with weeds, garbage, tags. It is dark, always, making it dangerous. And the fence, allowing anyone access to the river, is broken in several places. Isn't this DOT's responsibility? And what does this entrance say about our neighborhood - one which we are trying to revitalize... The new Q terrace looks great, but it is adjacent to a dump.
  • Ferry Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Why do the police continue to let prostitutes run rampant up and down Ferry Street and the side streets? This just increases drug activity and brings in more undesirable people. These prostitutes are also dealing for the dealers to get their drugs and I see the police pass by and do nothing, looks like the police do not care and have given up on Fair Haven, which was once a nice area to live in. What do we need to do to have the police do something??? Each time I call the police take forever to get there and the girls disappear and the dealers hide and when they do stop any of these girls the girls walk away laughing what a slap in the face to the good people in the area
  • Potholes Archived
    374-396 Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    A large, gaping pothole in the street at the entrance to the staff parking lot of the Fair Haven Community Health Center which opened up after the snow melt. Can cause significant autobody damage. Please fill.
  • Clinton Avenue New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    This young man was popping wheelies down Peck Street and then kicked my car as he went by.
  • 263 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven

    It seems that when the changeover to the new traffic signal on the corner of Chapel and James Streets happened, the timing for the light changes was also changed. Now it takes an excessively *long* time for the light to turn green for James Street drivers. This is particularly problematic because there are TWO SCHOOLS on James Street right near this corner so that at drop off and pick up time, traffic-- including school buses and families picking up and dropping off-- becomes extremely backed up on James, well past Saltonstall and in front of the Martinez School.

    This morning, we actually thought the light was broken as we waited, and waited, and waited on James-- the longest we have ever waited in the five years we have worked in this neighborhood.

    Please, please-- is there someone from the City, Transportation, Traffic, & Parking, that can come down to see this corner *in person*? Ever since the work began here last spring with the new electric box, pedestrian cross, etc., this corner is a mess, including serious wheelchair accessibility issues as the pedestrian cross pole was put in the middle of the sidewalk. Thank you.

  • 68-94 Pine Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Dirt bikes all over Clifton, Atwater, and Front Street this afternoon. Yes, we have legislation in Hartford to increase 20 fold the fee for reclaiming confiscated dirtbikes. But still no word on increased e ffort by NHPD to crack down on dirtbikes. Seems they are operating without impunity. Would be nice if NHPD said something publicly (hello Chief Esserman?) about the situation. Frustration building....
  • 374-386 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Quinnipiac Terrace

    I need your help fighting recent acts of vandalism in our neighborhood. Specifically, somebody seems hell-bent to destroy the new playground on Dover Beach across from Quinnipiac Terrace. Over the last couple weeks, somebody has torn down two of the fence panels around the playground and systematically destroyed the trash bin there. About a week ago, they dumped all the trash and crushed the bin so it wouldn’t stand anymore. The bin is made of plastic, so I pushed the sides back out as best I could, picked up the trash and put it back in. A couple days later they dumped out the trash again and took the wheels off, so the bin was lop sided and would no longer stand up. I picked up again and tied the bin to the fence. Next morning it was untied, tipped over, and trash was all around. So yesterday evening I removed the broken bin and brought a new, more stable bin from my house and put it there. This morning the trash had been dumped out again, and the bin had been rolled down the street almost 2 blocks away. I know the vandals are coming at night, because we’ve been to the playground in the late afternoon and all is well, but I when walk by every morning at 5:30 am, there is damage again.

    The fence should be repaired asap. We also need a heavy metal trash bin that is bolted to the ground; the older bins in the park are like that and there is no problem with them. And the police should check out the playground and see who hangs out there during the night.

    We need to put an end to this. The kids in the neighborhood deserve a clean and unbroken playground, and research shows that unchecked acts of vandalism are usually followed by other types of crimes. I have called Public Works about this, but so far nothing has happened. Please help, and let me know who else I should contact.

  • 80 Downing Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    I don't get it: the public has presumably called in hundreds maybe even thousands of times now about the less than ten or so dirt bikes--they are the SAME bikes--ridden year-in, year-out with the same riders--that recklessly run at everyone pedestrians, cars, ride at and on sidewalks with children playing, joyriding at dangerously high speeds. In addition the public has: helped pass the new confiscation law passed in 2013 to address uninsured, unlicensed, reckless ridership(Sen. Martin Looney just sent me campaign lit. about it).

    And yet here we are in 2014: the same group of young adults and adults alike behaving badly with no consequence. Perfectly peaceful Sunday and then this. Is this problem *really* that hard to solve? Can we solve it once are for all so that NHPD can focus their efforts elsewhere? We know the bikes, what they look like, what decals they have, who the riders are and in most cases even where they live.

    Again, I don't get it. Happy 2014.

  • Front Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    ATVs and dirt bikes roaring up and down Front St this afternoon, an unfortunate rite of spring despite even state legislative attempts to crack down. Any word from the new Fair Haven sub-station sargenton efforts to confiscate the bikes so far this year. Seems a thin harvest so far judging by today's activity.
  • Parks Request Archived
    101-123 E Pearl St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Great location for a Fair Haven dog park. I'll upload a video as well and try to do quick research on who owns the property and associated parking lot.
  • Chatham Square Park New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square

    I took a walk through our park this morning with my daughter. As I was walking along, I noticed that over half a dozen trees in the park have been hacked up, possibly killing them!

    These trees have had a lot of time invested in them through the Greenspace program, URI, the School of Forestry, and neighborhood groups through planting them and taking care of them. They shade our park in the summer and make it a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.

    And now some two bit hack (or group of said hacks) comes along and takes a shovel to the trees?! Do they know that the life of a tree flows through the bark? What is the point of killing our beautiful trees?

    Some of the trees have obviously been just planted while others have been in the park for years and are quite well established.

    What can we do about this?! Please New Haven Police, patrol this park at night! I have talked to the guys that hang out in the park during the day, as well as some neighbors who I saw about and none of them seem to know who is behind this.

    I love my neighborhood very much but sometimes it seems to do nothing but want to self-destruct. I just don't get it.